I ♥ Iris Apfel

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 I have my personal family tree composed of people who inspire me. They can be artists, fashion gurus, interior designer or carpenters, it doesn’t really matter what they do but how they think. It is generally filled with extremely creative people with a good historical sense and a quirky yet  sophisticated taste.  I read as much as possible about them, I watch all their interviews and they become my personal  mentors. I like to think of them as part of my inspirational ‘family’ tree. 
The new entry is Iris Apfel. She is a ball of energy and she has a brian sharper than a razor all at a modest 94 years old. Her collection of clothes and objects is incredible and she has a unique ability to put together different shapes, colors and materials and make them look like they were meant to be combined together. 
She is a genius in finding an elegant harmony in the ‘too much’ category.
Apart from being a textile designer, fashion guru, fashion consultant, stylist, she works as an interior designer as well; her house in New York is a very baroque example of her talent. 
+deco_iris_apfel +deco_iris_apfel_house_1 +deco_iris_apfel_house_2
photos by Luis Monteiro for How To Spend It