Ikea kitchens hacked by Reform architects

in DIY, Furniture
Over the last 3 years I have bought 5 Ikea Faktum kitchens for my clients. 
As a matter of fact, Ikea kitchens are a valid option for people who don’t want to invest much in a kitchen because they are on a budget or because they are furnishing a holiday house. In my opinion, you either go for a very beautiful product or you buy an Ikea kitchen; the options in between often don’t work and you end up spending more but still not having a customized quality kitchen. 
I always purchase the same model in Ikea, the white lacquered Faktum, now replaced with the Metod range. It is linear, it reflects the light, it looks good and it doesn’t show dirt as much; of course it lacks the details that make it personal.
Reform solves the problem. The company has collaborated with some Danish architects to offer personalized options to the Ikea Metod panels and tabletops. 
It is very easy, as  it states on the website  “send us your IKEA order confirmation and work drawings along with your choice of Reform kitchen and tabletop style and colour. Shortly after, we will send you an order confirmation and as soon as you accept it, your kitchen fronts will arrive within 3–4 weeks.” 
It is definitely worth giving it a go, what do you think?  
(photos from the Reform website)