Ikea new kitchen wall shelving system and too much Whatsapp

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Busy week and weekend for me and tonight I can’t wait to have a shower and go to bed to read.
Some days I feel like the main thing I do is trying to be on time and in time, when my mobile phone accumulates unread Whatsup and emails to be opened. 
I often ask myself if this eccessive and overflowing communication allowed and incentivated by the mobile phones and by the internet connection is not a convinction, in the end. 
We can’t avoid telling each others things at all the time. 
It looks like our individuality makes sense only if shared and therefore watered down. We can’t avoid telling our opinion all the time, to live our daily life without sharing it. 
13 emails and 46 Whatsapp to read.
13 emails and 46 Whatsapp that you try to read while walking to the car, while you look for your wallet in the purse or at the traffic light when your son, sat at the back, is telling how his day went at school. 
I haven’t bought any kitchen in Ikea for a few months ( in 2014 and 2015 I picked 5 of them!) so I am not up-to-date as much with Ikea new collections. 
Never to late to catch up with the Falsterbo wall shelving system out at the beginning of the year but distribuited all around the world only these days.
As often when you speak about Ikea products, it is a total bargain, it looks cool and it is practical with the little drawers and hooks. 
It goes really well with the pine kitchen panels Torhamn (second photo from top) and the Vardagen accessories (last photo from top).