Ikea Sinnerling Collection

in Furniture
Often big brands ask  guest designers to create a collection. 
It is a really good way of introducing a fresh style to a brand and at the same time allows the brand to fly on the coattails of a famous person. 
Ikea asked Ilse Crawford to design 30 products that are going to be released under the name Sinnerlig collection in the USA in August and in Europe in autumn.
Ilse Crawford and her London based studio do residential, office, retail, hospitality spaces with a style that Remodelista rightly defined as ‘warm minimalist’. 
Her interiors are elegant and comfortable, spaces that are easy to live in, where the human being and their needs are at the centre, even if at times they can look a bit bare.
In an interview for Marcus Fairs of Dezeen, she explained how her Danish and Scandinavian upbringing influenced her approach to interiors : “If you look at the way designers approach buildings, I would say that the majority do it from a conceptual perspective but the Scandinavians start from the point of view of where the door will be, how you experience the space.”

The fact that Ikea asked her to design a collection shows once more that they work well at Ikea.  Her very sleek collection made of natural materials and linear shapes brings elegance  to Ikea.
As usual it is always advisable to check the products in shop (you can even do it at Expo 2015 in Milan) but I already like the idea of using cork as a table top, the light that the outdoor lights emanate and the general natural feeling of the collection. I am just disappointed that they didn’t release the collection before the summer. 
Out of curiosity, does anyone knows what Sinnerlig means?