Ikea’s new eco design vintage collection

in Furniture


Let’s be honest, they are very good. They anticipate needs and trends, they are eco, they are affordable, they are geniuses when it comes to marketing, they are talented at copying and transforming popular designs, they are not shy with colours and they have shops that make most human beings believe that they can’t live without at least a sliver of Ikea in their homes. Last but not least, they have just increased their production in Italy (1 in 3 Ikea kitchens sold in the world is made in Italy).
The 7th PS Collection will be in stores in August in the Usa and it was recently presented at the Milan Furniture Fair. The 46 pieces are inspired by Ikea‘s past designs and are made with innovative materials.
I have put a pink star on the things I like the most, however I have only seen the collection in the catalogue and it is always best to see them in store.