Indigo blue fabric inspiration

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Indigo Bleu fabrics by William Yeoward for Designers Guild
Aboubakar Fofana fabrics for Dara Artisans
New Year’s Eve, for my punk party, I made a waistcoat from an old pair of  jeans that I bleached by myself
I have had these jeans for ages because, even if they didn’t fit any more, I loved the result of that bleach wash, those white and different shades of light blue with anarchic spots on a base of indigo blue (see photo below). 
Why not insert this vibrant blue into your interiors as well, with some textiles inspired by jeans and by the shibori, an antique Japanese technique of dying cotton cloth?
I’ll give you some example as inspiration.
Keep in mind also that you can buy some  plain jeans fabric with different intensity of colours in a normal textile store and use it, for example, to re-upholster a sofa like in the photo above (the sofa is the Ektorp from Ikea) or try, like in my case, a DIY dye.
from Joseph Carini Carpets website
from House & Garden UK

If you like the punk effect, you can do like me and bleach some jeans fabric:

+deco, dye jeans

Otherwise there are many places where you can buy indigo blue fabrics.
I selected two for you, the fabuolous stripey textile from Komedal Road and the shibori from Cape Cod Shibori.

                                       +deco,komedal ranch fabric                +deoc, CapeCod Shibori