Jayde Fish and Gucci, a dream come true

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Once upon a time there was a girl called Jayde Fish who dreamt of working with the baroque, sophisticated, hyper-creative Alessandro Michele.

She had been admiring his work since he took the lead of the Italian luxury brand Gucci in 2015 and she felt that her artistic vision was intwined with Alessandro’s.

One day Jayde Fish decided to publish some of her marvellous drawings on Instagram with the hashtag #alessandromichele to state her source of inspiration.

After a while she received a message from Gucci. Alessandro Michele himself had seen a photo of her work, searched for more and wanted to use some of her art-work for Gucci’s new collection. “Do what you want with my work” she said because she totally trusted that in Michele’s hands that only something magical could emerge.

In September 2016 Gucci launched a collection populated with Jayde’s monkeys, tarots and parts of Jayde’s drawings.

“I have a fascination for the mystical, astronomy, astrology and religious culture” explained the Californian artist. “I feel that tarots are a beautiful way to think about what you are and what you want to be, every character has a deep connection with nature, the universe and the spiritual world and I feel that there is something romantic about it.”

I won’t add anything else, her drawings done in ink speak for themselves.