Jenny Rome’s fashion illustrations

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Good morning everyone, I hope you are well. I am much better, my energy level is back after a period where I was feeling tired and run down (as I wrote in this post) because of an abnormal high level of iron in my blood. Many people know about the consequences of a low level of iron in your blood but the opposite is actually as dangerous and invalidating; often it doesn’t depend on the diet (in my case for instance I don’t eat much meat) but on genetics. I am back to normal now, I have started practicing Ashtanga yoga again and I feel full of energy and optimism. I like being busy I have to admit, it means that things are happening or that you are working to make things happening at least. I like movement.
Today I thought of giving you another reason to keep following my blog, introducing you to this talented American artist called Jenny Rome (cool name by the way) and her fabulous fashion illustrations. The good news for all us, lovers of interiors, is that she sells prints of them in Etsy and Society6 at affordable prices! I tell you what, I am going to buy one right one.