Kids just like to have fun (and Castle)

in Interiors, Ispiration

Raising kids is fun. They are so open, unfiltered, imaginative, cute, sometimes nerve-wrackingly selfish and loveable at the same time.  You don’t have to have kids to experience all this (I hate it when people make comments like that). You can make friends with your siblings or your friends’ kids. I really advise you to find some time to spend with some children because they are wicked. Almost all of them!  Just let them be themselves (if you want to hear more about this, read my post “Kids are not perfect thankfully” and see Maiko Nagao‘s beautiful handwritten world)

The Australian brand Castle is perfect for kids because they embrace their inner child, at Castle they love having fun. Their website says “We love color and whimsy. We love making accessible art and beautiful bedlinen. We love spots and fluo and pink and yellow and orange and grey and love hearts and flowers and paint and felt and everything that POPS around in our studio”. Who can deny that? Check the bananas and the letters bedlinen for instance. So much fun!