Kids’ play tents

in Furniture
I really want to get Giulio and his friend Livia a play tent where they can both hide and escape from their parents. There are some really cool ones out there to buy and it isn’t  difficult to make one with scraps of fabrics. 
The tent by Such Great Heights (top left) can be transformed into a clothes rack, an original idea. I like the structure of fairy pink by Haba Caro (top right) and if your child is obsessed with pink you can also go for the Hello Kitty one, a classic.
The camper van shaped tent by Land of Nod is perfect for boys and girls and the circus inspired house below by Pink Olive is more suitable for the dreamers out there.  
If you feel creative you can attempt to make one yourself following the clear instructions (below) that Drea  has kindly shared on her colorful blog.

If you want to get an imaginative tent for the entire family, don’t forget the wicked tents from one of my first posts