La Plus Belle, the perfect mirror to get dressed with

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How are you? In Rome we went from wearing woolen jumpers to 30 degrees in a few hours.

I had to pack the winter stuff and take out the summer dresses and sandals in a hurry.

I took the chance to throw away a few things; like most people, I have quite a few pieces of clothing that I keep but I don’t wear, for some obscure reasons. I like them but not enough to wear them, evidently.

I also don’t have a good full-figure mirror which makes wardrobe-related decisions more difficult. The long mirror I have makes me look shorter and fatter (I hope). Sometimes, when I need an honest image of myself, I use the mirror in the lift, how ridiculous.

Flos has recently released a 205 cm mirror that would serve this purpose well, La Plus Belle designed by Philippe Starck.

It is a long oval with a led light incorporated and an optical opal silicone diffuser. The aluminium frame is available in polished gold, polished copper, polished bronze and brill fumé. La Plus Belle would add interest and a nice soft ambient light to any entryway or corridor.

Do you have the right mirror to see yourself?