Leah Bartholomew’s art prints

in Arts+ Crafts, Color Inspiration, Interiors

Leah Bartholomew‘s website is a must see not just because of her vibrant art prints but also because the photos that present her work are very well-styled and give food for creative thought. The image below, for instance, presents a very pleasant bedroom where all the elements work together in harmony: the functional but stylish wooden furniture, the accessories, the beautifully matched linen throws, the punchy-colored art work.

Italians like white walls. They generally invest in good quality building work, materials and finishings and for this reason they go for the safer decorative option, the option that won’t bore them after a few months. When they move in their brand new houses though, they find their spaces cold and lacking of personality and often they ask me how to add color and character. The best way is to pick original art work and add colorful accessories. Keep in mind that colorful doesn’t necessary mean bright red or radiant yellow. It can mean a well thought composition of natural textiles in earthy colors, an unusual combination of hues (like in some photos from Leah Bartholomew‘s website) or plants and flowers.

I will never get tired of saying that keeping the house uncluttered and displaying only pretty objects is mandatory. It doesn’t matter if the old auntie could get upset if she doesn’t see the horrid expensive ceramic angel she gave you at your wedding on display on your shelf.  Your esthetic well being is much more important.

deco_leahbartholomew_its_bright_and_warm deco_leahbartholomew_sea_dasies deco_leahbartholomew_electric_blue_day deco_leahbartholomew_cool_breeze deco_leahbartholomew_autumn_is_here deco_leahbartholomew_i_think_of_youdeco_leahbartholomew_cunvejoi_plants