Maison Souquet lavishness

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Here we are already half through January. I have started the year slowly, work is slow and I am slow. I am distracted and lethargic; the only things I feel like doing is practicing yoga and drinking wine (a bit bipolar, I know). I am trying to pick myself up and find a bit more concentration and liveliness. Is anyone else feeling like that?

In the meanwhile I day dream of interiors that can shake me from this sort of numbness. The one I am showing you today is beautiful in a lascivious way: it is an eruption of opulent colours, sophisticated patterns and lavish materials. Maison Souquet re-proposes the original spirit of the building, a former pleasure house during the Belle Epoque in the area of Montmartre in Paris. Together with another gem, Maison Athenee, Maison Souquet is part of the Maisons Particulières Collection founded by Sylviane Sanz and Yoni Aidan. The interiors were designed by Jacques Garcia, a legend in the interior design world. Each room is different but equally enchanting and sexy.

I am sure a night in Maison Souquet would shake me from my torpor.

Photographs courtesy Maisons Particulières Collection.