Mazzini 31 Hotel: punchy colours and antique shades

in Interiors, Ispiration
 I have started to work for a cool production company called Allucinazione and I am glad to have returned to normality after the Christmas break.
I am the first to admit that  I’m not a big Christmas person. I like spending time with my family and friends, I like the festive atmosphere but I miss my space after a bit. I like to be by myself sometimes, I need it. I like to go to places by myself. I like some silence at times. 
The place I am showing you today is to share too. It would be a shame not to.
The  Mazzini 31 Hotel is in Monteleone, a municipality in Umbria, near Terni and was founded in 1052 by  Orvieto’s town leaders. 
The hotel is a stupendous palace overlooking the countryside. Well chosen modern elements and all the possible comforts fit in well in the old rooms; original floors and walls present elegant shades of pastel shades, somehow enhanced by the strong colours of some newly upholstered pieces of furniture and the punchy tones of the plexyglass inserts.
For more photos, have a look at their website.