New hexagonal tiles

in Furniture, Interiors, Ispiration

Hexagonal tiles have been a big trend in the last two years and a clever way to add pattern to walls or floors.

When I work on a project I always decide first which materials I am going to use. Sometimes the materials have already a big personality (for instance marble) so you don’t need to add much color. In this case, I like to add pattern, introducing differently shaped tiles or wooden boards.

Introducing a pattern in the scheme, allow you to keep the rest quite neutral without falling into boring; you can do that going for tiles of natural materials in different shapes.

Here are some examples of what you can do with hexagonal tiles. You can go for a mixture of wooden and marble floor tiles like in the top photo (Oak and marble floor by Idee & Parquet by Gazzotti), or simply go for simple grey tiles but in a hexagonal shape and combined with copper faucets (interior by Ambert Interiors), propose a wooden spectacular 3D wall (Timber Alexander tiles by Giles Miller) or provide a natural stone background to your bath like in the Porcelanosa catalogue.

If you feel braver, you can copy the solution in the bottom photo picturing the Cups Nine Cafè in Greece, and let the hexagonal tiles invading the wooden floor.