Nick Barclay’s posters

in Color Inspiration, Furniture, Interiors
I can’t stand still recently, I feel restless- sometimes anxious, sometimes just happy to work hard.
Today I went to print a big photo that I am going to glue (…or Alex will, he doesn’t know it yet) on a piece of corrugated fiberglass.
There is always need of some good new ideas to ‘dress’ our walls.
Nick Barcklay‘s incredible graphic designs, that I discovered while searching for a present for my cocktail manager friend Stefano (who we ended up buying a bottle of Blue Label Johnnie Walker for; for the full story and to see what else I discovered, click here) are definitely a good idea.
Nick Barcklay is a very cunning graphic design based in Australia with the rare gift of being able to picture every concept in geometry and color.
In his world, cities are described with a neat and polished combination of shapes and tints, the history of 007 is a collection of abstract symbols on a black background, cocktails are pictured through attractive geometries.
I love his work. It is different and refreshingly original.
Recently he studied “a visual technique where by staring at the top word will make the word below slowly disappear”.
In the series Vanishing Type, if you stare at the world LOVE for long enough the word HATE will disappear (see the image below of the poster with blu stripes and ping writings) and the same for GUNS/LIVES, KNOWLEDGE/IGNORANCE, MONEY/INTEGRITY.
They are not actually my favourite posters designed by Nick Barclay but I really like the concept behind it.
The coffee collection is also new (see the bitmap image at the bottom), with very trendy and relaxing colors. Being an Italian I only drink espresso and to fully appreciate the collection, I should research what some of the coffees are like, for instance, the flat white.

deco_nick-barclay_cities deco_nick-barclay_london-underground-lines new-group-shot-4 deco_static-squarespace_nick_barclaydeco_nick-barclay_007