No dog, no life!

in DIY
Do you love your dog? Do you think it deserves the best in life? This is the post for you, I’m going to give you some ideas, you’d better start saving though.
The kennel above, that inspired the title for this post, is one of the designs from  Architecture for Dogs. It is signed by the Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto and was inspired by his Boston Terrier; this elegant 0.8 mt cube structure is made of small panels of hinoki (which is a Japanese cypress) and some thick transparent acrylic boards that act as shelves.  The hollow central part hosts the beloved dog. Genius!
Even better is the Be With Me Sofa (below) by Min n mun, made of ash wood and upholstered with fabric.  It gives you the chance to slob on the sofa, stroking your dog snuggled in its own kennel. As you can read on the designer’s website it’s “a tool to communicate and share feeling between human and pet“.

Otherwise, if you like classical but stylish pieces of furniture, you can opt for the mpup kennel (below) also by Min n mun.

This one is undoubtedly much cooler but you could maybe knock one up yourself by building  your dog’s cushion 7 pieces of wood! 

 For more ideas and the explanations on how to make them, you can also visit the Morning Chores website.