Noglu in Paris: marble, pink and gold.

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I really like the shade of pink used at the restaurant Nogluit is always an option when I am in the process of deciding which colors to use to decorate a house. I like the white Carrara marble, I like a simple look with eye-catching details like the golden metal sheet that covers the unusual curve of the arch and the port-hole. I like the pendant lights like clouds in the sky. It is no a surprise then that I have decided to write about the new restaurant Noglu in Paris (there are three in the French capital and one in New York) designed by the talented and sexy Mathieu Lehanneur.

Normal people have social icons on their website,  Mathieu Lehanneur has a Ted icon, linked to the speech he delivered in 2009 for Ted Ideas Worth Spreadin, just to give you an idea of how cool he is. He is a wide-ranging creator who uses technology, industrial design, a human approach and natural elements to create objects that trespass the idea of furniture. Have a look at his website, to better understand his universe.

The pendents Clouds are part of his lighting collections and, when in group, look really beautiful.

I also like the name of the restaurant, it sounds almost oriental, when actually is NO-GLU(tin). It is a name that works well in many languages.

All in all, this space reminds Sketch in London designed India Mahdavi (look at some images in my post); in that case, the pink velvet of the chairs was combined with polychromatic marble floors, copper details and black and white illustrations on the walls.