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The best fabric shop in Rome!

This is the place where I get textiles from, photographed by the talented Elio Rosato.

The atelier, Le Proposte d’Interni, occupies two large rooms of a stunning Roman building built in 1542.

Sandro and Giovanni, cousins with a long family tradition in dealing with textiles for interiors, scraped away the layers of paint applied over the last 50 years to find the original faded light green color.

In one room, you can still see the old bookcases where documents were kept, now used to store some of the wonderful fabrics.

Interior fabrics have always been my passion and I like to come here, I could actually spend hours here (sometimes I do, to be honest !)



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Canopy beds

The truth is that I have always wanted a contemporary canopy bed but I would only put it in a period flat, in a country house or in a small room with a high ceiling.

A lot of people like canopy beds but some are hesitant to buy one because they worry it could look too much or because they associate it with a overly romantic look (men I’m looking at you).

The point is that now there are so many cool, linear, no frills contemporary options out there that we don’t have any excuses anymore.

Ikea used to have a very simple, yet good looking double canopy bed but they don’t sell it anymore, they just advertise a solution to create canopy bed curtains with some of their products. It’s a shame because the one they had was easy to paint and well priced.

There are other high street brands that sell pretty canopy beds ; Maison du Monde for instance sells 7 models, one being the bamboo one below.

Let’s have a look at some other options from other less known still cool brands.

I really like the Frame Canopy Bed by CB2 in matt iron with plated brass corners pictured below. The queen size costs 642 euros and the king size costs 734 euros.

Thewhite one underneath is Bed Led by Filo Design; it has got a cool shelf that can act a a bedside table and led lights on the pools.

The wooden pretty one in the pink room is from Urban Outfitters and it comes at a very reasonable price. The idea of having garlands of lights hanging from the structure is definitely to steal.

The unusual shape of the whiteXAM Design Studio’s bed makes it original; it comes in different colors but it is only sold to contractors, unfortunately.

The black and teak wood canopy bed (picture before last) is for those who like a more classic, masculine look. This is the Industrial Canopy Bed by Asian Arts but to tell you the truth you will find some very similar in other online shops.

Last but not least, it is a revisitation to an old canopy bed by RH Baby&Child , with a comfortable back and freed from too many baroque details. Check the entire collection on RH Baby&Child, they have some cool beds, above all for little girls.

It seems obvious, after having seen all these beautiful canopy beds, that we don’t have many excuses, it is time to get one!





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Piero Lissoni Color Collection

Three years ago we saw many blue walls, two years ago many black walls and last year we saw many pink walls and burgundy walls.

Lets hope in 2018 we will see many natural and bio-friendly painted walls.

We can start with Piero Lissoni Color Paint Collection for Kerakoll for instance; they are water based, odour-free and free fromVOCs, formaldehyde, alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO), coalescing agents, plasticizers and heavy metals. It also comes in 100 beautiful shades.

This is the future of paint, I hope.

I really like the green, terracotta red and metal blue in the first three photographs from top in the chalky extra-mat finish @GEL PAINT.

Piero Lissoni –art director for prestigious brand like Alpi, Boffi, De Padova, Lema, Living Divani and the designer behind some iconic pieces of furniture- knows what effect, performance and quality is looking for when picking a paint for his projects, so who better than him could have worked with Kerakoll for a new line?

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About the heat, ceiling fans and a handy lights shop

It is getting hotter and hotter here; all of a sudden, we go from wearing a jumper to not wanting to wear anything at all.

I don’t want to sound like an old lady but there are not middle seasons anymore.

After having lived many years in an hot country, I came to the conclusion that air conditioning has too many downsizes and ceiling fans are the solution. They don’t cause you fastidious sinusitis or back pain and they don’t pollute.

While searching for a ceiling fan for a client I came across the Italian online shop  and I was impressed by the huge selection of lights and ceiling fans they have and by the way the website is organized in many thematic menus. sells designer’s lights but also lights from less famous brands; the range of prices is for every pocket.

It is definitely a useful source, even for things like light bulbs or Christmas lights.

They deliver all over Europe and in Italy for free with a minimum order.

A picked a few but I really believe that the strength of this website is the big variety of offers so this is only a small hint.

These two for instance are made of concrete:  the first one is a pendent, la second a stripe of led.

The next two are made of metal, for who likes the industrial style. Both fit well in most rooms; the first from top is vintage looking, the one below is a bit more Scandinavian style


The Filou light pictured below is fun and very maritime, with the knots and the red valve.


The online shop has also many outdoor lights. In this case too, the lamps are divided in sub-menus (recessed lights, terrace lights, solar lights, ceiling lights etc.) therefore it is easy to find what you are looking for.

I like the ones below, a bit oriental looking, they produce a mood light and the white ones, in the last photograph, above the table version.

In conclusion is a valid option if you need some lights or if you want to get some ceiling lights and you want to live better and help the planet living longer.







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Studio 140 Italian Arts and Crafts

I have known and worked with Emanuele for a few years and I am very excited about his new creative adventure, Studio 140.

Emanuele is an experienced art conservator, a skilled artisan, a volcanic designer and a lovely person.

In the last twenty years, he has designed and made many beautiful tables, frames, chairs; what I am showing you today and what you can see on Studio 140 website is only a selection of what he has created so far.

Emanuele has a unique approach because he merges the expertise of an artisan, the subtlety of an restorer and the inventiveness of a designer.

The result is Studio 140, a collection of life-lasting, beautifully detailed pieces.

All pieces can be made in any size a part from the unique pieces.

Studio 140 is also working on a new furniture collection made with scagliola, a substance made of selenite, glue and natural pigments that resembles marble or semi-precious stones.

This technique was very popular during the Baroque and it allows to make very hard-wearing surfaces with a richness of colors not possible in natural marble.

Here is a selection of my favourite pieces!














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+deco, 12th best trending interior design blog!

How exciting, +deco is 12th in the Feathr Best Trending Interior Design Guide!

FEATHR is an interior design brand that works with contemporary artists around the world to create original wallpaper, fabrics and cushions (see for instance Kiki Slaughter’s beautiful work for Feathr here).

How do they make their guides that have now become a reference point in the field? Feathr “tracks multiple data sources that demonstrate a blog’s performance.  These include audience size, social media activity, growth, mentions, influence, authority and many others.  A proprietary algorithm then analyzes the dataset and creates the final F50 rankings.”

Very proud that +deco is growing, thank you all!

(In the picture myself on a throne used for a photo shoot 🙂

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I ♥ Diederick Kraaijeveld

Diederick Kraaijeveld‘s art was one of the best things I saw in Milan this year at the Fuori Salone.

I was wandering around the Spazio Rossana Orlandi when my eyes were caught by two beautiful wooden sculptures on the wall representing New York water tanks. I discovered later, watching a cool video on Diederick Kraaijeveld‘s website that they were made by scrap wood from old water tanks.

The two pieces were hanging in one of my favourite corners of the Fuori Salone, as I mentioned before the Spazio Rossana Orlandi. I didn’t have the chance to meet the artist unfortunately so as soon as I sat down (a rare event during the Milan Design Week), I went online to discover more about him and his art.

Diederick Kraaijeveld, pictured in the piece below, travels all around the world to find the right pieces of scrap wood to make his realistic art.

He reproduces anything from people, to iconic objects, to cars in different sizes: some pieces are quite small, some bigger (the All Star for instance) but all equally detailed.

I fell in love with the two water tanks I saw in Milan, the light was laying elegantly on them enhancing the variety of shades and textures of the different wood (see my photo below).

You can see more of Diederick Kraaijeveld‘s pieces on Oudhout website.

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I ♥ Marco Barina’s sculptures

I was born in the region of Emilia Romagna in the centre north of Italy, in the Bassa Parmense, a very flat area of this region famous for the production of Parma ham and Parmesan cheese, for its castles scattered all over the territory and for the extremely humid hot climate in the summer and thick creamy soup like fog in the winter.

Even if I have lived most of my life in Rome, I feel emiliana. I recognize it as my homeland and it is the place of my family.

In fact it is the place where one day (no hurry) I will be buried.

In this area, genial and eccentric personalities have been born. Perhaps the extreme weather forges the passions of the people living in this flat part of the world.

One of my father’s cousins is, for instance, an incredible collector of posters, postcards and antiques. His collection is exquisite, professionally archived and is constantly utilized by local media outlets.

One of my cousins is a successful reportage photographer who spends months covering the struggles in place like the Democratic Republic of Congo, wins prizes but keeps away from the limelight.

During my most recent trip back I also met a very interesting and sweet interior designer who used to own a very cool design shop in Salsomaggiore and has decorated some wonderful properties in the area. She happens to be +deco reader as well, which makes me happy.

At Easter, I went to visit the Masone’s Labyrinth as well and discovered an incredible artist called Marco Barina.

Marco Barina makes ancestral anthropomorphic figures with things he finds in flee markets.

His figures that incredibly look primitive and futuristic at the same time, stare at you with different eyes!






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Pretty paper

Recently I’ve noticed I am getting better at not getting so stressed about things I can’t control.

Things that you can’t control are the things you have no power upon, like destiny or situations created by other people. However a lack of time often leads to me having to weigh up what is important and what isn’t.

Today we all work, train, exercise, look after our families, do our best to look good, try to squeeze in some fun, the reality is we don’t have time to do it all. In order to live a bearable life, we need to have a clear idea what is important and let some things go.

I, for instance, have made peace with the fact that I can’t have tidy wardrobes! I don’t have time to fold my panties, I rather read a book. I don’t have time during the week to cook well, I rather go for a walk with Giulio.

I don’t have time to make pretty cards, I can buy some. For instance Papel & Co stationary is very pretty.

The idea is simple: quality paper, elegant color, different calligraphies that all look like flowers in the wind.
I love the green and ochre envelopes!

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Rusty shades, earthy reds and melanchonic pinks

Violet is the 2018 Pantone color but we like rusty shades, earthy reds and melancholic pinks this year. To be honest, we are a bit bored of the fuss about Pantone‘s favourite colors.

Here is a selection of beautiful spaces dominated by colors that are between terracotta, bordeaux and red.

As you know I am looking for a new house, if I find it tomorrow I will definitely use one of these hues.

Images from Pinterest