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Loopholes and an apology

Hello, I’ve played around with the my blog’s HTML and accidentally  deleted the comment function (I was trying to delete the comments link under the post and just leave the little comments cloud next to the post title). 
 Giulio and Alex have been sicked in the meanwhile and I was too busy coughing to find the concentration to solve the problem. I apologize to those who haven’t been able to leave any comments recently or to those who’ve left a comment in the past (a special mention to my  number one fan, the fabulous Piero).  I managed to restore the comment icon next to the post title in the latest posts (the last three) but there is still some work to do. I will put my mind to it this weekend.
I’ll take the chance to say –many ask methat everything you see in this blog from the layout or graphic point of view, I made it. I even drew the background. 
Speaking about organizing, I wanted to show you some pretty modular nets you can hang things on, called Loopholes and made by Atelier Belge
It is basically the industrial evolution of what I made for a client a few years ago with some building net
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Dandelion tiles: my most pinned photo.

The one above is the most pinned photo from my Pinterest page. It is part of the post “New ways to do geometric” and it pictures the amazing Dandelion tiles by Marrakesh Design.
I understand why people want to pin or share this image: the concrete floor is gorgeous and it goes really well with the fabulous copper bath and the attractively styled plants. Not mention the fluffy dog of course.
I have attached some more pics of these geometric patterned tiles from Marrakesh Design for you to enjoy.
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Serif TV, a pretty one for a change.

I hate televisions, they are ugly and they are difficult to position in a room. 
The interior world would be a better place without televisions. People though, will always want to incorporate them into their spaces.
Thankfully the French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have come to our rescue with a retro-styled really clean and modern  Samsung, the Serif TV
Its I shaped profile makes it interesting even from the side and its frame, available in three colours, transforms what has always been just a screen into a design object. 
Serif TV is self standing therefore it can be put on a shelf or on top of other things and its top can be used to display objects. 
I might have to change my mind about televisions, I’ll let you know. 
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Half painted walls





When you have your first child, people feel compelled to share some advice based on their experience with such a wonderful and tricky task. 
Some suggestions are very useful, some less, some are given by people who have different ideas and priorities. 
For instance, nobody ever warned me that kids take up  more space than you imagine. It sounds obvious but it is something you can’t understand until you have kids. I have had a hippy approach to kids stuff, I have always thought you don’t need much-you can easily live without a homegenizer or a nappy bin– still when they grow, they become little people with their own wardrobes,  books,  toys,  swimming gear. And they grow up fast. 
Also nobody ever mentioned the fact that they are dirty little creatures who like to draw on walls and cast finger prints on every white surface within reach! 
If I had known that I would have definitely gone for a half painted wall like the ones pictured in the photos. 

So if you are expecting your first child or if, for instance, you have a table next to the walls like in some of the examples picture above, consider picking one of these bi-colored solutions. 



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Urban Jungle Bloggers: #jungle animals

When I’ve received the email from Igor and Judith with the February Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge, I immediately thought about my sister’s incredible garden and the massive jungle white animals that inhabit it. 
She bought the crocodile and the chimpazee, together with some pink flamingos not pictured in the photos, in Sluiz, a must-see concept store in Ibiza. The animals were originally green but she had them painted in white to make them visually contrast against the sky (thankfully often gloriously blue in Rome) and the plants. 
I don’t think the cohabitation between jungle animals and jungle (Mediterrean) plants can be represented better!
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Easy homemade cool Valentines

from Hello, Wonderful (free printable)
from Eat Drink Chic (free printable)
from GodfatherStyle
from Etsy
from Real Simple
from Real Simple


It is almost St.Valentines and it is time to get romantic. 
If you are in a relationship or not, it is the perfect chance to be sweet and make or buy a little something for a person we love or we fancy.
I selected a few original, cool and easy to make Valentine cards if you are short of ideas.
I got a few, the best being (Alex don’t get mad at me please) the anonymous ones I received when I was working as a bartender in London. 
Sending a message of love or appreciation without expecting anything back is the ultimate romantic gesture. 
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Michael Mullan and his jazzy illustrations

My friend Stefano, a cocktail bar manager, is going to be forty on 6th February and Alex and I wanted to give some artwork as a present. I was searching the internet when I came across Michael Mullan and his fun illustrations, some of which are available as  posters or cards or canvases in his shop. 
I love them, they are jazzy, eye-catching, cheerful.
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Indigo blue fabric inspiration

Indigo Bleu fabrics by William Yeoward for Designers Guild
Aboubakar Fofana fabrics for Dara Artisans
New Year’s Eve, for my punk party, I made a waistcoat from an old pair of  jeans that I bleached by myself
I have had these jeans for ages because, even if they didn’t fit any more, I loved the result of that bleach wash, those white and different shades of light blue with anarchic spots on a base of indigo blue (see photo below). 
Why not insert this vibrant blue into your interiors as well, with some textiles inspired by jeans and by the shibori, an antique Japanese technique of dying cotton cloth?
I’ll give you some example as inspiration.
Keep in mind also that you can buy some  plain jeans fabric with different intensity of colours in a normal textile store and use it, for example, to re-upholster a sofa like in the photo above (the sofa is the Ektorp from Ikea) or try, like in my case, a DIY dye.
from Joseph Carini Carpets website
from House & Garden UK

If you like the punk effect, you can do like me and bleach some jeans fabric:

+deco, dye jeans

Otherwise there are many places where you can buy indigo blue fabrics.
I selected two for you, the fabuolous stripey textile from Komedal Road and the shibori from Cape Cod Shibori.

                                       +deco,komedal ranch fabric                +deoc, CapeCod Shibori