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We have a winner!

We have a winner! Giorgia di Bussolengo please write an email with your address a and I will send you the yoga bag as soon as possible!
Thank you to all the people who left a comment and keep tuned, I will give away an object for the house really soon!
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Yoga bag give-away


I have been practicing ashtanga yoga for a few years now and even if at the moment I haven’t got time to do it as much as I would like to, I love it. Last year I made some yoga mat bags that I sold in Europe, with the idea of making something that you can carry around like a handbag, something a bit more stylish than most on the market.
To celebrate this so far happy and generous year and to thank you all for reading my blog I have decided to give away one of my yoga bags, pictured above.
In order to have the chance to win it, you just have to leave a comment here with your name and the place you live. One lucky winner, chosen randomly (using, will receive  this yoga bag for free. The competition is open worldwide and will end on Sunday 25th May 2014 at 6.00 pm, Italian time. I will email the winner for details.
It is my first give away, I am very excited! Good luck and keep tuned to see who wins!
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Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball

 With colours it is all a question of light. This is Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball, a shade I have recently used and I really like because it is rich but not too strong, it a sea blue with a hint of grey. Colours absorb light: look how different the same paint appears to be in all these photos, in different naturally or artificially lit rooms. Take these issues into consideration when you choose your next colour palette, the shade you pick could look much darker than expected or change according to the time of the day or the weather or the artificial lighting. It is always advisable painting a large patch of the chosen colour on the wall and observe it for a day. Don’t be afraid to experiment though: the beauty and the fun of paint is that it is easily changeable. 
Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball looks really good in contrast with white. 
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Kids’ play tents

I really want to get Giulio and his friend Livia a play tent where they can both hide and escape from their parents. There are some really cool ones out there to buy and it isn’t  difficult to make one with scraps of fabrics. 
The tent by Such Great Heights (top left) can be transformed into a clothes rack, an original idea. I like the structure of fairy pink by Haba Caro (top right) and if your child is obsessed with pink you can also go for the Hello Kitty one, a classic.
The camper van shaped tent by Land of Nod is perfect for boys and girls and the circus inspired house below by Pink Olive is more suitable for the dreamers out there.  
If you feel creative you can attempt to make one yourself following the clear instructions (below) that Drea  has kindly shared on her colorful blog.

If you want to get an imaginative tent for the entire family, don’t forget the wicked tents from one of my first posts

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The Salone del Mobile and the concept of originality

Stacked Light by Sander Wassink and Na’yan Pesach
I went to the Salone del Mobile in Milan this week. I had a lot of fun and I had some much needed time to myself but I find these events are not as inspiring as they used to be. The internet has somehow shortened the life span of originality. The first times I went to London or Paris in my late teens and early twenties, things were different and trends didn’t spread so quickly. We used to come back with ideas, people used to dress differently and places like bars and clubs used to look diverse in other countries. And I am not speaking about centuries ago. Now you will see the same shop windows in the centre of Madrid, Rome, London or Moscow, people wear the same clothes and follow the same fashions, places all look the same, belle epoque vintage and white tiles. Also fairs are not an exclusive window displaying what is new anymore but simply a series of new objects under the same roof that you will see on the internet in a matter of seconds. What is truly original now and how can you truly be unique? Maybe the concept itself is outdated, globalization has broken down many barriers but it has also made us all a bit the same, more similar than ever. What do you think? What do you find original?
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Ikea Ps 2014 Collection

 The PS 2014 Ikea Collection was just launched, I have attached a few images. It was designed by 14 designers from all over the world and as usual it has got a few interesting pieces even if, I have to be honest, none of them really appeal to me. I like the corner sofa but it looks uncomfortable, the cage wardrobe is ok, I hope it will come in other colours as well and I am not sure about the decorative bits. The hanger with shelves reminds me too much of a rake. The coffee table is not my taste, I don’t like the combination of colours and the base of it. Anyway I am an absolute fan of Ikea and I hold back any real judgement until I see the collection for real in the shops (even if the PS collections also look best in photos in my opinion). 
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Atelier Areti lights

Hello everyone, I hope you are well and ready for another inspiring week.
As usual I’m taking advantage of the fact that my little boy Giulio is sleeping and use these precious night hours to work and gather ideas. I am selecting some lights for one of my clients and I will definitely include the Mimosa Pendant by Atelier Areti. 
Atelier Areti is a breath of fresh air in a world that seems to be  dominated by vintage industrial lights or by contemporary well known classical designs nowadays. Founded by two pretty and extremely qualified Austrian/French sisters, Atelier Areti proposes poetic pieces, simple elegant lights that carry the charm of 1930’s cinema and a certain oriental refinement.