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Hobbs Barbers Shop, London

I have just spent a few snowy days in London seeking inspiration, working (not much really) and wandering around with my beloved friends.
Speaking about creative ways to hang pictures (see my previous post), I find the wall of this little quirky barber shop by Borough Market in London very clever. What makes it  captivating is the overall arrangement and the colours of the walls, not the objects themselves. The red paneling, the purple frame and the touches of gold and yellow really enhance the objects displayed ;  the same wall in cream would be so much more insignificant. 
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Yayoi Kusama’s “Alice in Wonderland”

+deco_alice_in_wonderland_kusama_6 +deco_alice_in_wonderland_kusama_5
On 28th January,  the Italian edition of “Alice in Wonderland” by Yayoi Kusama will be released, so I have decided to post some images of this dreamy book. We have already spoken about this genial Japanese artist in another post and in particular about her work for Louis Vuitton but she is so motivated to cover the world in dots, that I have no other choice but to dedicate to her another space. Mrs Kusama, an eccentric eighty-three year old (see picture below) has illustrated Lewis Carroll‘s famous tale and she has done it in her unusual and extremely appropriate way. Her art, in fact, is perfect for the story, it’s somehow childish, cheerful but also arcane and obsessive. “My art originates from hallucinations only I can see“, she said once during an interview. My thought being: if what we see in her drawings, sculptures, films, performing art, installations originates from her hallucinations, I would love to be able to see the hallucinations themselves, it would be an experience that would rival any existing drug, I’m sure.
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Naples’ Toledo and other artistic metro stations

Toledo metro station, Naples.
Solna station, Stockholm
Westminster underground station, London.
If you live in a city, if you live in a well connected area and if you are not lazy bum who doesn’t give a toss about the environment, you end up spending quite a bit of your life underground. Metro stations though are often the most uninspiring, grim places you’ll  ever go to.  However nowadays people are beginning to realise that having an interesting artistic station adds value to the area and the city itself and underground stations are beginning to be treated like architectural canvases not just passages. One of the latest examples of this trend is the Metro Napoli Art Stations (in the first picture, the Toledo Station designed by Oscar Tusquets Blanca).
Check out  The most impressive underground stations in Europe in the Travel section of the british Telegraph (see also The London Underground’s most beautiful stations).
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Se vivi in città, se abiti in una zona ben servita e se non sei pigro e poco interessato a questioni ambientali, finisci per passare un bel pò della tua vita sottoterra. Eppure le stazioni della metro sono spesso i posti più insipidi e tristi in cui sei mai stato. Tuttavia oggigiorno si è cominciato a capire che una stazione attraente ed artistica aggiunge valore alla zona in cui si trova e alla città stessa e le stazioni della metro stanno cominciando ad essere trattate come architetture vere e proprie, non solo come punti di passaggio. Uno degli ultimi esempi di questo trend sono le Metro Napoli Art Stations (nella prima foto, la stazione Toledo Station progettata da Oscar Tusquets Blanca).
Dai un’occhiata a The most impressive underground stations in Europele stazioni della metro più incredibili d’Europauna lista stilata dal giornale britannico Telegraph nella sezione Travel (vedi anche The London Underground’s most beautiful stations).
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Happy 2013

Here we are. Another year is about to finish and I’m about to write another list of proposals soon to be forgotten. It has been a very positive year for me and I hope for you too. My first son, Giulio, turned 1 in September and it has been a joy and great fun watching him discovering the world. I have finally resigned from my hectic, hysterical job working with a famous Interior Designer and I have finally had the chance to do what I like including writing this blog. I feel good with myself and relaxed with almost everyone everywhere. Last but not least, I have learned to believe in myself. And this is what I wish you all, to have a inspiring 2013 where you believe in yourself
Also I hope you will keep following me on this journey.
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A few good ideas for Christmas presents




I have to admit it, I’m not a big fan of the lead up to Christmas. I enjoy it when it arrives but I get quite nervous thinking about all the organisation. Perhaps it is because I come from a warm country and it feels less Christmasy, the pressure to buy the right presents and the pressure of pretending that I like the useless presents I receive, call me Scrooge but I can’t be bothered sometimes. However, in trying to embrace my inner Christmas I would like to list some affordable ideas for presents. TELL ME WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE VIA EMAIL O IN UN COMMENTO (related to design and decoration) and I WILL PUBLISH IT IN MY NEXT POST. You never know, the right people might read it 😉

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Creative ways of serving food

After many years working for a big and troubled Italian company, a friend of mine decided to move to Amsterdam with his wife searching for a better quality of life. He’s, among other things, collaborating with Archichef, a creative studio that focuses on a fusion of architecture and food design. They believe that the food experience should involve all of the senses and they have come up with some really good and sustainable concepts of presenting delicious food. I like the idea of sewing the edges of paper together to make little bags, it creates a heightened sense of expectation of discovering what’s inside. I like the idea of drawing on paper cloth making it unique and using an egg carton as a tray. Well done guys, keep up the good work.