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Is Vola by Arne Jacobsen over-priced?

 Look at this tap called Vola. Pretty, don’t you reckon? It could give a lovely splash of colour to a modern lacquered white kitchen, for instance. That’s what I thought and was tempted to use it in the flat that I’m renovating at the moment to add a bit of spiciness to a medium sized, average kitchen. The only little problem is, that, it costs a fortune. It costs over $1000, over £1000 , over 1000 euros. It costs too much in my book. It is definitely striking and comes in funky colours, it’s designed by Arne Jacobsen but at the end of the day it looks quite ordinary when you consider how much you’re paying for it. I wonder if there are colorful taps out there that stretch the imagination but not your wallet?  What do you think? 
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Roman colours

This morning I went with my friend Rebecca to the fascinating Circo di Massenzio in  Rome where they were holding a festival based on ancient Rome. There were many volunteers dressed up in Roman costume showing how they used to dance, fight, forge coins and earthenware, cook and much more. It was extremely interesting and it was like going back in time.
Above is a selection of some locally sourced plants that the ancient Romans used to dye fabrics (linen and wool). The colours are very pretty so I thought I would share them. 
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H&M cushions

+deco_cushion_H&M_2 +deco_cushion_H&M_1
+deco_cushion_H&M_3 +deco_cushion_H&M_5
Hello everyone, I’m back from holiday full of energy. I love this season, I love the end of the summer, the positive drive that we often have after the holiday and the cosiness that the imminent autumn brings.
I would like to thank all of you, all the people who read my blog periodically and all the people who just pop in. This blog means a lot to me, it coincided with an important period, a meaningful passage of my life. In fact I started +deco just after I had my first child, taking advantage of a few months of maternity leave, the first time span in my life where I wasn’t studying or working (in the last few years I  have been working far too much). I love selecting, thinking and creating my posts. I hope this shows. 
After this open hearted introduction, lets get back to ‘business’. These lovely cushions are from H&M Home. The quality is not great but they look good and they are affordable. Also the basic models -like the velvet ones above- come in many cool colours, perfect if you need to spice up a room. Check the website out, there are often sales (generally the best items are not reduced in price) and promotions on. Many of you might have to buy online, because H&M Home is only open in a few countries, unlike the clothing shops that  are widespread.
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Decorating with stripes

I’m absolutely convinced that you don’t need much money to decorate, you need ideas and time. I started this blog and approach my work with this belief at the forefront of my thinking. Painting some stripes on the wall can make a corridor or an entry hall much more interesting. If you are not brave enough to use colour, you can copy this idea from the Maxxi Museum in Rome and paint black lines of varying heights. In order to achieve a good result, draw the line with a pencil and then mark with some masking tape and paint within the lines by hand. In the blog Centsationalgirl, a few people swear that the way to do it is by painting over the tape. I’ve never tried this but I’ll definitely be giving it a go, because just applying the tape and painting inside the lines requires a very steady hand and it’s likely you won’t end up with a straight line especially if it’s a long stripe.
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The retro New York chair

I really like the retro feel of the new chair New York by Sergio Bicego for Saba Italia and it looks very comfortable (it was presented at the last Salone del Mobile but I didn”t have the chance to try it). It comes in different colours and has reversible cushions; its structure is in iron rod.  I would have probably chosen other colours for the upholstery of the models in the catalogue though, what do you reckon?

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They all speak about: Yayoi Kusama

They all speak about Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese artist and writer who started painting polka dots and nets as motif in her painting and videos when she was ten. Recently she has covered Louis Vuitton’s next collection with polka dots. In the picture you can see one of her beautiful flowers called Eternal Blooming Flowers In Mind

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Bike Hanger

The Bike Hanger is a project based in the city of Seoul, Korea and is the brainchild of Manifesto Architecture, an award winning design firm based in New York. 
Apparently London and New York have already booked some.
The Bike Hanger can store up to 15 bikes and can be installed on the side of a building using the vertical space and freeing up the pavements.
Its canopy is made of recycled plastic bottles and the frame is made of recycled stainless steel and  carbon frame. It is completely man-powered  (pedal power),  therefore using 100% clean energy. 
I believe it will also discourage thieves who wouldn’t dare ‘pedal’ a bicycle down to steal a wheel or a saddle (although in Italy I’m sure they would consider it). 
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The comfortable Maxima chair at the Radisson Hotel

Chairs first of all need to be comfortable (it’s not accident that one of my first posts was about ergonomic chairs*).  I tried the Maxima chairs by Sawaya and Moroni at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Rome and they are very comfortable and solid. The top floor of the hotel, where the photo was taken, has a wonderful 270° view of Rome and a chill out bar by the swimming pool. The entire floor looks like a sailing boat on the city’s roofs. The rest of the hotel is nice, with a few nice design pieces and ideas but needs an update.
*One of my best friend is still taking the mickey out of me, every time we want to buy a present for a common friend he proposes to get a cool-ergonomic-chair (see my previous post). I take the chance to openly tell me that he is a muppet
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Candy colours for nails and interiors



I think the combination of these pastel colours would work very well as part of a colour palette in a white, airy, light house with a well balanced mixture of vintage and modern pieces. They are fresh, summery, yummy shades that lift your heart. I also love the way the beauty brand Mavala has named them (in particular “Fresh Melon”). Paint your bedroom in blue mint, add some cushions and curtains with a hint of fresh melon,lemon cream and pistacho, put some fresh pink flowers on the chest of drawers and life will be sweeter, I promise.