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Punk is dead?

I’d love to have some of these original posters.
The impact that punk posters, cover albums, magazines, clothing, music had on the last decades was massive.
Punk still is a great source of inspiration for graphics, fashion designers and musicians.
And for me.
I’ve always felt there’s a bit of punk inside me.
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The whiff of elegance

There are a few bottles of perfumes that can’t be thrown away when finished, that are so beautiful that what’s inside them is not so important anymore, that demand to be put on display. I don’t generally wear perfume because deep down I’m bit of a hippy at heart but I love vintage looking bottles like the ones I’ve picked here. Bottles are what make me want to smell perfume. If all perfumes were kept in old crystal bottles, I’d be a perfume-maniac. 
The other thing that catches our attention and makes us try a scent, are the advertisements. Nowadays the perfume world is ruled by the most famous models or actress, wearing beautiful clothes in fabulous locations.
I’ve attached my two favourite images about the perfume ads listed: Eau de Sauvage by Christian Dior used the gorgeous Alain Delon (below), a man so beautiful and elegant that he makes George Clooney look like he should be cleaning the toilets at McDonald’s; the Pink Candy ad by Prada has an amazing set, a coral baroque room with an elegant grand piano (below). 
What are your favourite bottle? I’d love to know what you think, leave a comment. 
 God, I fancy Alain Delon in this photo!
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It’s not just about clothes

It’s not just about clothes. Not anymore. It’s about delivering an idea and catching the public’s attention with captivating sets, music, smells (for instance DSquared had models smoking on the catwalk).
Dolce Gabbana staged Sicilian-style women in a cabaret scene (Spring/Summer 2012), Louis Vuitton put their models on top of white horses in a fabulous merry-go-round (Spring/Summer 2012), Chanel headed by Karl Lagerfield created an undersea world (Spring/Summer 2012), Manish Arora had some guys painting graffiti on stage  matching the colours of the collection (Autumn/Winter 2012-2013), Jill Sander built elegant white and glass displays containing picturesque compositions of flowers (Autumn/Winter 2012-2013).
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Wedding list

One of my best best friends has just got married, so I’ve decided to post some ideas about useful and practical wedding presents. He is an engineer, the kind of guy who is very clever and very rational, who buys objects only for their practicality and good value, so I’m not optimistic that he will fall in love with any of my ideas because, although they are practical, they are also guilty of being too vainly beautiful, but one of them might inspire some of you though.
How much is taste a factor when we fall in love? I mean, most of the time we fall in love with people we like, people who are to our taste: some like blondes, some like them fat, some shy, some quirky. Taste though changes over a life time, that’s perfectly normal and natural, so can we blame our partner if he or she changes their tastes at some point? 
While selecting the items for this wedding wish list, I came to the conclusion that, yes, taste can change and sometimes we don’t even understand what other people’s tastes are, therefore it’s important to buy a present that is of good quality and practical. Perhaps this is the secret for good marriage: marry a quality and practical person, a person who has got substance and a person practical enough to make us feel comfortable in discussing problems in the relationship. A bit like the presents I’ve picked: your taste might change or perhaps I haven’t meet your taste to start with, but they are quality, practical objects that you’ll always happily find a space for in your life.

Alessi:  kettle with bird Michael Graves

 Flos: table lamp Gun_Bedside Gun by Philipp Starck            
– Missoni Home:  linen
Kartell: table Jolly by Paolo Rizzatto 
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Ikea’s new eco design vintage collection


Let’s be honest, they are very good. They anticipate needs and trends, they are eco, they are affordable, they are geniuses when it comes to marketing, they are talented at copying and transforming popular designs, they are not shy with colours and they have shops that make most human beings believe that they can’t live without at least a sliver of Ikea in their homes. Last but not least, they have just increased their production in Italy (1 in 3 Ikea kitchens sold in the world is made in Italy).
The 7th PS Collection will be in stores in August in the Usa and it was recently presented at the Milan Furniture Fair. The 46 pieces are inspired by Ikea‘s past designs and are made with innovative materials.
I have put a pink star on the things I like the most, however I have only seen the collection in the catalogue and it is always best to see them in store.
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It’s time for some wall clocks

Time is going fast and it’s about time to have a fun time watching the time. 
My favorite is the green cuckoo clock, the Cucchino Green by Barbero Design, made in Italy. The funkiest has to be the black Rainbow produced by Karlsson, a Dutch brand that sells a lot of wicked clocks at good prices. The most useful, without a doubt, is the chalkboard clock Tabla by Enrico Azzimonti for Diamantini e Domeniconi with a hidden sliding drawer containing chalk and a rubber (check their website for some more cool cuckoo clocks, especially Icona). The most elegant must be the Rnd Time by Rnd Lab, where Rnd stands for ‘random’ because you can randomly hang the numbers on the wall as you like. The one that goes with any style and is the best for the environment is the Recycle Bike Wheel clock from Pixelthis. 
I have to be honest though, it was very difficult to pin down only 5 clocks, at some point I had to make a decision because I was getting kind of obsessed with clocks and I saw many I like (and also because otherwise this post would have been finished next Christmas). 
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A colour palette of flowery fabrics by Designers Guild


Even if the weather today is horrible and it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the summer to come, I wanted to show you my summery colour palette and 3 flowery fabrics that use the colours: from left, Madame Butterfly-PeonyAmrapali-Peony and Orangerie-Rose by Designers Guild. Flowers are really in these days but there are not many  modern flowery fabrics around, most are just old designs. You can go for a ‘granny style’ fabric, but then you need to be sure to match it with the right furniture and wall decor if you don’t want to recreate your grandma’s sitting room. These designs, on the other hand, are fresh, elegant and colourful but contemporary; you can’t go wrong. 

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Cool ergonomic chairs

+deco_tip_ton_vitra_chair_black +deco_tip_ton_vitra_chair_blue +deco_move_varier_ergonomic_chair
Lets face it, there are not many cool ergonomic chairs but having a good posture when working at the computer, painting or simply chatting with friends is essential. I spend a lot of time in front of a screen and I find myself bending like Mr Scrooge. In my book, the coolest ergonomic seats are Tip Ton by Barberosgerby for Vitra and the Move stool by Varier.
The Tip Ton is a one piece moulded plastic chair with a curving rocker. It’s durable, recyclable and apparently improves concentration. When tilted forward, it allows you to sit with a straight back.
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Quirky children wallpaper

Recently it has been raining kids, most of my friends (myself included) are procreating. Apart from preparing mentally for the bog event, they have all had to re-organize a room in the house for the baby. I’m not really into cute sweet childish bedrooms and I think it’s much wiser to go for a decor that will be more long-term considering how fats kids grow.

Below you will find three quirky funky wallpapers for the kids bedroom that won’t look too ‘new born baby’ in a few years time.

They all go with simple Ikea white furniture: cot, a chest of drawers where you can change the baby (again something that you can use for years) and a vintage armchair to feed. This is all you really need.

Check the funky wallpaper by Lapin as well here or if you want another clever solution for the kids bedroom, consider half painted walls.