Patrick Blanc’s vertical gardens and my next house

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My plan is, if I continue to follow my New Year resolutions, I will be so successful i will be able to afford a new house that will satisfy my ever evolving needs and desires. First of all, I have to say that I like houses on one level, they make me feel better, perhaps because deep down I am a control freak. The next house I am going to buy will have to be bigger (my current home is 70 sq metres and I need at least another 40) to host our numerous guests more comfortably, to allow me to do my new job, done partly from home, and provide my son with more space to make untidy! It will also need a big terrace, spacious enough to organize parties and to enjoy the wonderful roman weather. Ideally it should have high ceilings and/or period details, a space with character in a nice building. To complete the picture, it would like it to have a vertical garden or a view onto a green courtyard like in  Patrick Blanc‘s house pictured in the first 4 photos above (by Frederic Ducout, as seen in Grazia Casa May 2013). I might need a bit more than some good resolutions….
Patrick Blanc is an eccentric botanist who allegedly invented the green wall or vertical garden (this guy is so into plants that he died his hair green and his clothing is inspired by a forest). 
The decor of his parisian home is intentionally bare and simple because the main decor of the house is nature.  Decorating with plants is ideal because they go well with all kind of styles and materials, looking at them calms your spirit and they give such vibrant, unique colours.
If Patrick Blanc‘s dream was to bring gardens indoors, Ian Simpson‘s was to bring trees into his living room: he planted some olive trees in his house with a breathtaking view of Manchester (by Reto Guntli, as seen in Grazia Casa May 2013). A bit extreme and definitely a  tricky feat but undoubtedly impressive. 
Do you have any plants at home? Are they limp hanging baskets? Would you like a vertical garden if you could afford it?