Philippe Starck’s Mama Shelter Hotels

in Interiors, Ispiration
Hotels are an endless source of inspiration;  the new hotels Mama Shelter designed by Philippe Starck are affordable enough to allow you to spend a few nights there and have a proper look around, steal some ideas. Philippe Starck is a bit like Kate Moss, he is everywhere and inevitably his omnipresence has became a bit annoying and has made him less interesting, however he  is  undoubtedly so talented and has an eye for setting trends that he often comes up with great visions like the Mama Shelter Hotels pictured in the photos above. I really like the white and yellow stripy wall in the first photo, it gives meaning to a space that otherwise would look like a bare corridor. I love the million people wallpaper in the second photo with the two classic armchairs upholstered in a funky orange. The graffiti and writings on the black bedroom walls remind me of a  blackboard, a massive trend now, and the cartoon character plastic masks lights add a playful touch. I love the splashes of lemon yellow like the football table in the lounge or the wall paint in the bedroom, cleverly combined with a salmon pink/orange. Philippe Starck is a 64 years old boy who likes to inject some lightness in what he creates. 
The hip hotels (at Istanbul, Paris, Marseille and Lion) are of course a success, remember to book early if you want to go.
P.S: Yes the colourful things hanging from the ceiling in the third photo (from the top) are inflatable rings.