Pinch Design

in Furniture
 Hello my dear readers! Guess what? I am on holiday! Unfortunately because I push myself to the limit, sometimes my body rebels and it is exactly what is happening today: I feel terrible, I have no energy and have an annoying headache. I will have to learn to stop and look after myself better, I suppose. 
But lets speak about exciting things instead! I love the new Joyce cabinet by Pinch Design. It combines wood, colour and iron, it has some display shelves but also some draws to hide clutter and because it is closed using glass doors it doesn’t collect dust or grease making it perfect for the kitchen as well. 
I also like the Lowry sideboard, the Vigo shelving and the Joyce chest of drawers, all have nice, clean designs and are well-made. 
Pinch Design was born in 2004 “with a single aim; to design and make furniture and lighting that we would want to live with”.  They are based in London, in an area where I lived for a few years, Clapham North. I will definitely go to see them when I next go to London.
+deco_egiavarini_pinchdesign_Joyce_cabinet_2 +deco_egiavarini_pinchdesign_lowry_sidetable +deco_egiavarini_pinchdesign_clyde_table +deco_egiavarini_pinchdesign_float_table +deco_egiavarini_pinchdesign_derome_lights