Please let me use Nuvolette wallpaper by Fornasetti

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It is hilarious, I have been trying to use Nuvolette wallpaper by Fornasetti for years but every time I propose it to a client along with other options, they never go for it. They all recognise that it is gorgeous but they find it a bit unsettling, perhaps too nostalgic or simply too tempestous.

Don’t get it me wrong, I wouldn’t use it all around a house, I would put it on a wall or a entryway but it is the same for the wallpapers I love, better in small dozes.

A part from that, it is a classic, a safe choice because it is above fashion and it will never become outdated. It has a repetitive, strong motif and the fact that it is white and grey makes it very elegant.

Nuvolette was designed by Fornasetti , it is produced by Cole&Son and distributed by vary suppliers; it comes in different colors or intensity (for instance darker or in light blue) but my favourite is the classic version in light grey.

I would advise anyone to use it in small quantities on walls large enough to appreciate the design or contiguous walls.

Another wallpaper my clients like but don’t dare pick for their homes is Calico, designed by Rachel and Nick Cope.

And you, what do you think? Do you like Nuvolette by Fornasetti? Would you have it in your house?