Postmodern elegance in Istanbul

in Interiors, Ispiration

Hello lovely people, today I decided to show you a look a bit different from what I generally post and like, more classic and post-modern.

I have always been into grey soft furnishings combined with wood  furniture and spiced up by black details and this living room designed by Escape from Sofa Studio (I strange name for a studio, I know) is a very good classic still original example of this mood.

The variety of materials compensate for the lack of color. Marble tops, grey textiles, wooden elements, golden structures, the black and white patterns of the wallpaper, the grey and white patterns of some fabrics, the shiny black frames and shiny black lights, a bit of chenille or velvet: this is a good mix of hard (materials) and soft (textiles) all put together by a simple and ever-trendy color palette.

I really like as well the patterned wall in the dining area recalled by the stand of the table: it stands up for itself, it doesn’t need any wall art. This is a very good way to create a focus point that transcends trends.


Photos by İbrahim Özbunar.