Precious Kartell

in Furniture
This is going to be a short one because last night I went  to another cool party hosted by my fabulous friends Mire and Marco (this year they are in very good form, it is the third one in less than 2 months) with Alex and my cousin Piero from Milan and today I feel very rough. The fact that Giulio, bless him, woke up at 5, fresh as a daisy, wanting to play and watch “Madagascar” didn’t help, I suppose. 
Anyway, you have probably noticed that gold is back, strongly back. People have started wearing gold jewellery kept in the safe since the Nineties and  golden tabs have made an appearance again.
I am a big fan of Kartell because they master how to make plastic look cool. Their pieces are beautiful, practical, comfortable, resistant and competitive. Of course they couldn’t be left behind in gold rush and they came up with the Precious Collection, including the version in metallic colours of some of their iconic designs. 
And you? Do you like gold?