Pretty Pegs

in Furniture, Ispiration
Every month I see quite a few spaces and a lot pieces of furniture. This visual feast makes me wanting to change things in and around my house more frequently than people who don’t work in the industry. If you add to that the fact that I am for nature extremely curious and fairly incline to life changes, you can imagine how Alex looks at me when I start the sentence with “Can I tell you something?”. Unfortunately I can’t always do what I would like to, I don’t have the time to fulfill all my impetuses. 
There are out there some clever ideas though that allow you to give to refresh the look of your space only changing  a few details. For instance last May a young Swedish couple decided to invest their marriage funds to open Pretty Pegs, an online shop that sell cute pegs for beds, tables, foot stools, armchairs, sofas and storage cabinets. Take in consideration when you see the prices that Pretty Pegs deliver for free worldwide.  
The red/pastel blue and gold ones look really good, what do you think?