Proper Copper Design

in Furniture, Interiors

Haven’t you satisfied your whim for copper yet, the big trend of the moment? Get an handle on then…!

Proper Copper Design has a wide selection of all sorts of copper objects for furnishing including handles and knobs.

Changing handles or knobs on cabinets or wardrobes is one of the easy and inexpensive ways to update your house.

Copper has a lovely warm color and copper handles and knobs will surely add interest to your storage areas. Statement knobs and handles drift the attention away from the actual piece of furniture, changing them into something more sophisticated or original is a good trick when the cabinet or wardrobe is nothing special.

I really like the ones in the second photo from the bottom in Fine Matt -Lightly Brushed finishing.

Apart from handles and knobs, Proper Copper Design proposes taps, light pulls, tablet holders, candlesticks and various other accessories.

Moreover the name of the company is a wicked title for a post.

Images from Proper Copper Design website