Ancient Roman dreams

in Arts+ Crafts, Interiors, Ispiration

It doesn’t happen often to feel like you were catapulted in the past and feel like you are in the middle of a Roman camp, two thousand years ago, under a sky so blue that not even a painter could replicate.

These photos were taken a week ago in fact, in the breathtaking archeological site of  Circus of Maxentius, along the Antique Appia road, in Rome.

The only things that give away the fact that the images are recent are the ruins in the background. Image, instead tall walls and buildings covered in marble and decorations.

The people you see in my photos meet regularly to study ancient Roman history and replicate the ancient Roman way of living. They come from all over Italy (and some from Europe) and they travel all around the country to show people how Romans were fighting, eating, carving their instruments, dying textiles and much more. They wear faithful reproductions of Roman clothes, weapons and accessories and they speak Latin. They do it for free or better for the priceless satisfaction of educating people about a culture we all owe, cradle of civilization for most of us.

P.S: Versace must have seen the blue shields in the Nineties…