Room collection by Kyuhyung Cho

in Furniture
Who says that bookshelves are for books? Well, surely not these ones from the Room Collection by Kyuhyung Cho that are more for looking at than filling with stuff. 
Over the long bank holiday weekend, I went to not one but two picnics with friends and their kids in a beautiful park near the Appia Antica, here in Rome, a large area of wild nature full of Roman ruins and secret paths. We walked a lot and I saw some amazing trees with incredible trunks. I would have loved to take some photos but I am not the kind of person who always has their phone in their pocket. 
In a time where everybody is into iron and vintage I crave some nice hand-made wooden pieces of furniture or features like the ones by Kyuhyung Cho in the pictures above.
See also the amazing Corners bookshelves he designed this year (third photo from the botton), presented in the Rossana Orlandi gallery.