Smoking barbeques

in Furniture


I’ve just spent an amazing weekend in Worcestershire, United Kingdom and I have to say when it’s sunny, Britain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The countryside was lush and painted with flowers, the rivers were flowing, the people were cheerful and the peacocks jumping around. The perfect time for lunch with friends and family with one of these interesting barbecues.
The ones with a star are available on a budget, the others  are more pricey, the pig barbecue is  unfortunately the most expensive . 
From top left/Dall’alto a sinistra:
Eva Solo : “Table Grill”
Eva Solo : “Grill Globe
-Barbecook : “Puuur
-Focus : “Sigmafocus” bbq
-Astor : “Bruce” grill
-Mom : “Walzer” coal grill 
-Traeger :  “Lil’ Pig” grill