Some of the best free-standing baths

in Furniture
Io by Flaminia.
Vicchensw by Cheshire.
Montefresco by Albion.
Morphing by Zucchetti.
This is one those posts that I struggle to publish because the more I think about it, the more I research the subject, the more things I find that I would like to show you. I don’t have the space to fit a free-standing bath in the house I live in now and I am not even a big fan of baths having a restless personality (my husband says “I have ants in my pants”) but I love the way they look. I have picked different styles but they’re all very sleek, my favourite being the Monfresco.
From the top: Io by Flaminia, Vicchensw by Cheshire, Monfresco by Albion, Morphing by Zucchetti.