Some of the best rattan lights

in Furniture
Today it was a bank holiday in Rome. Yes, you heard me right, just in Rome.
In Italy bank holidays are always certain dates. Sometimes it is in memory of an historical event (for example 2nd June, the day when the Republic was established), sometimes it is to celebrate a religious festivity (Christmas, Easter or 1st November) and once a year it is in honour of a saint (in this case, it changes accordingly to whereabouts you live in Italy).
I spent all day at the lake with some friends and my family and it was lovely.
I was very tired, June has been socially busy as well, a hard test for the body considering you end up going out almost every night.
I have a very summery post for you tonight about rattan lights. 
They emanate a nice light, give a tropical-exotic feel to the house and are gentle on your wallet. What else can you ask for?
This is my selection, I hope you like it. My favourite are Bolla by Gervasoni and  the Sinnerling pendants from Ikea.
Stay tuned because I have more fabulous rattan furniture to show you!

Sangha collection from Dark at Night


from Habitat


from Rockett St George


in many different shades from The Family Love Tree


Sinnerling pendant from Ikea


Bolla by Gervasoni