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Save yourself

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This year seems to have started well. Nobody I know has mentioned the word “SALES” yet, which makes me hope that people are becoming a bit more conservative; Emanuele Farneti, Vogue Italia’s editor in chief, has decided to not publish any photos in the magazine’s January issue and replace them with illustrations, “in a nod to the need to take action to save the environment”; and at the Golden Globes a vegan menu was served, a sign that finally the mainstream is beginning to realise that some choices can have a massive ripple effect environment and therefore have a more positive influence. Things are moving in the right direction at last. 

I am in this mood as well: save the planet, save yourself from frusrtating consumerism, save your brain from too much internet connection.

One of the best discovery I made this year it is that I can set time limits for apps, categories or websites on my iPhone. For instance if you put 15 minutes as a time limit for Instagram, after that time frame your phone asks you if it is ok to close down or if you want to to ignore the limit and continue browing. This function gives you a concrete idea of how much time you spend zoning out in front of a screen, navigating through too many images and too much incomplete information. It also suggests that it is probably time to stop and that you could be doing something else. I am also making a conscious effort to look at the sky more. I have noticed I walk most of the time looking down or at eye level (when not looking at my phone screen). I look at people, at shops, at the floor, at houses or buildings but rarely up. When I do look at the sky, I find it soothing. It is almost a little massage for my eyes.

Joanna Lavén‘s interiors are consistent with my 2020 mood: elegant and somehow sustainable because they are timeless. I love the light in this apartment and the subtly serious, very tasteful use of colors. 

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One of the most exciting hotels in Scotland

There is so much to discover about the Fife Arms Hotel.

The first thing I have noticed and loved was the tweed wall upholstery designed by Aramita Campbell (Aramita, what a cool name!) in the living rooms and corridors (as seen in Marie Claire Maison).

As you probably know by now, I am a tartan fan, in fashion and in interiors.

The second thing that jumped into my eyes was the art displayed in the property: the eighteen century art and features together with the sophisticated contemporary pieces complement and enhance the spirit of this magical place.

The Fife Arms is no doubt one of the hottest hotel in the Highlands, Scotland. In the Victorian time the mansion was a coaching inn, it now hosts 46 rooms and suites, a bar, a restaurant and a park designed by the award winner Jinny Blom.

The project was run by Russel Stage and Moxon Architects who managed to put in effect Manuela and Iwan Wirth‘s vision, two well-known Swiss art gallerists.

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Manuela and Iwan Wirth, fife arms hotel scotland, fife arms, best hotels in scotlands, plusdeco blog, art hotels scotland, best hotels scoltland, interior design, plusdeco blog, tartan upholstery, tartan wallpaper, cool hotels scotland

Photographs by Sim Cannetty-Clarke

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Pink bathrooms with terrazzo elements

There are a few things I have always liked not matter what the fashion was. I have always liked – just to give you a few examples- signet rings, mediterranean ceramics, body oils, flared jeans,  pink walls and terrazzo floors.

My grandparents had the best terrazzo floor I have ever seen. It consisted in river pebbles instead chips of marble or granite or quartz combined with a binder.

The binder was black in the living areas, light blue in the kitchen, white/beige in the bedrooms with different pebbles in different colors, as you can see in the photo at the bottom.

Because I have always liked pink walls and terrazzo and because pink walls and terrazzo are very trendy know, I decided to show you some bathrooms that combines both.

As you can see in all the examples below, the association of the two elements is already impactful therefore the rest of the decor is kept quite modern and geometric.

I love the bathroom photographed by Yaroslav Priadka in the images below. The black details ( the faucets, the pipe, the frame of the mirror and the soaps) are paradoxically the focus point of the room.

Green and light blue are colors that well complement the pink and the terrazzo, as we can see in other examples below.
I like the idea of extending the terrazzo up to 120/130 centimetres.

If you can’t or don’t want to change the floor or the back splash, you can anyway insert in the scheme a terrazzo element like the stools in the third picture from the top or the bath.

Photo by Yaroslav Priadka

Photo by Yaroslav Priadka

Stump stool from Fenton & Fenton

Project by Bergman & Co

Bathroom designed by Iya Turabelidze of Concertina

Bathroom designed by Iya Turabelidze of Concretica

Interior by Studio Esteta

Interior by MOPS

My grandparents’ floor






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Dandelion tiles: my most pinned photo.

The one above is the most pinned photo from my Pinterest page. It is part of the post “New ways to do geometric” and it pictures the amazing Dandelion tiles by Marrakesh Design.
I understand why people want to pin or share this image: the concrete floor is gorgeous and it goes really well with the fabulous copper bath and the attractively styled plants. Not mention the fluffy dog of course.
I have attached some more pics of these geometric patterned tiles from Marrakesh Design for you to enjoy.
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Grid inspiration


source Apartment Theraphy
source What I would buy
Quaderna table by Zanotta
Wallpaper from Ferm Living
Superstudio archive’s image


Uno dei miei design preferiti da sempre è il tavolo Quaderna di Superstudio per Zanotta del 1966 e prodotto e venduto con successo fino ad oggi.
Questo tavolo è disponibile con piano rettangolare e quadrato in due misure e basta. E’ uno di quei pezzi di design attorno a cui devi adattare l’arredamento della stanza e non il contrario.
Adoro questo tema a quadretti su sfondo bianco anche in altre declinazioni, lo trovo sempre elegante.
Può essere riproposto in un bagno o in una cucina con piastrelle bianche e stucco per fughe nero, una soluzione per molti versi molto conveniente. Una volta ho fatto per un cliente piastrelle bianche e stucco giallo, molto carino.
Anche il set di lenzuola a tema è una meraviglia o come una poltrona vintage può acquistare un look più grafico e contemporaneo se rifoderata con un tessuto ‘quaderno a quadretti’.
E’ un design semplice ma con tanta personalità e un’ottima tela su cui inserire inserti di colori (il set di scatole Hay serva da ispirazione).
Hay Box Box 3


Vladimir Blosom showroom
Unison duvet cover set


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Busy marble

David Hicks’s bathroom via Remodelista
Photos by Stephan Julliard/Tripod Agency
Photo by Michael Paul/Living Inside
Photo by Max Zambelli
Marble is always a good choice for a bathroom or kitchen, you can’t go wrong with it, it is timeless, elegant and it can easily look contemporary with the right furniture. The new trend is using busy heavily veined marble, like Grigio Carnico (which I used in one of my latest projects) or Paonazzo, in simply designed spaces. These precious marbles are amazing and they make the room standing out straight away but they are so busy that it is also down to taste. What about you, do you like it? I think that the grey marble and golden kitchen is fabulous!
P.S: The chair below is not made of marble! It is covered by a digitally printed fabric.  
Louis XV Goes To Sparta armchair by Maurizio Galante
Logos bookshelves by Margraf
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People who don’t believe that less is more – Part II

Considering the success of my previous post about people who don’t believe that less is more, I have picked 4 other interiors where colours, patterns, textures and forms are not abound.
Some are, in my book, too much (see the two photos at the bottom), some make more sense even if I believe that these busy interiors can look extremely chaotic if your mess is not coordinated with rest. A room like the top right looks good when styled for the photo shoot but how does it look when it is ‘naturally’ untidy? What do you think?
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Is Vola by Arne Jacobsen over-priced?

 Look at this tap called Vola. Pretty, don’t you reckon? It could give a lovely splash of colour to a modern lacquered white kitchen, for instance. That’s what I thought and was tempted to use it in the flat that I’m renovating at the moment to add a bit of spiciness to a medium sized, average kitchen. The only little problem is, that, it costs a fortune. It costs over $1000, over £1000 , over 1000 euros. It costs too much in my book. It is definitely striking and comes in funky colours, it’s designed by Arne Jacobsen but at the end of the day it looks quite ordinary when you consider how much you’re paying for it. I wonder if there are colorful taps out there that stretch the imagination but not your wallet?  What do you think?