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Creativity is fuelled by curiosity

Many things have been said and many more things are going to be said about Karl Lagerfield now he is dead, I don’t think you need me to state the obvious.

I just wanted to pay homage to an incredibly creative person and reiterate that creativity, as I stated many times before, is fuelled by curiosity.

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Filip Janssens amazing furniture

Speaking about television again (read my post “Serif TV: a pretty one for a change”), one of the major problems of placing screens around the house is that they don’t look pretty anywhere. If you attach the screen onto the wall, you have a black blob on the wall, if you put the television on a piece of furniture the eye will be drawn to that black blob on the piece of furniture. The best place for televisions is where you can’t see them which is inside custom-made cabinets or wardrobes but this is an often logistically complicated solution. 
The other feasible option is to insert the TV into a well organized bookshelf or fitted wall.
Filip Janssens (discovered on Tea.stylist) makes amazing wooden furniture where even the TVs look good. I love how he puts together volumes and creates solids and voids, I love the richly grained wood he uses. I love the fact that he doesn’t have a design education (he studied French and Latin) and he worked as a teacher for over 20 years: it is proof that creativity is fed by some many influences and knows no boundaries for anyone.
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Ettore Sottsass and Kartell

Ettore Sottsass has had a very prolific and interesting life, I really would like to go into details but the aim of my blog is to inspire  you and to spark interest in you not to write design history lessons, I suppose. 
I will be short and I will just say that Ettore Sottsass, born in Austria but brought up in Italy, started his career in Olivetti, an office equipment company, for which he designed some iconic objects like the amazing typewriter pictured below, the look of which was revolutionary at the time.
In 1980 Ettore Sottsass and other 14 really creative minds joined together and formed a design cooperative called the Memphis Group. Together they created epocal furniture inspired by the Pop Art and they took by storm the interior world
Ettore Sottsass‘s work still deeply influence the contemporary designers, above all now that the Eighties are back in fashion. 
Camilla Walalajust to quote- is undoubtedly inspired by the Memphis Group patters and colors.
One of the latest Kartell’s capsule collection named
“Kartell goes Sottsass, A tribute to Memphis” pay tribute such an important part of our history and the result is, as usual, a lot of fun (see the Mademoiselle chair below, the Trix day bed and the bright-colored line of the occasional tables and vases).


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Vako design

I am going to write only a few lines today as a sign of respect for all those people who lost their beloved in such a brutal attack on Friday in Paris.
The interesting designs pictured above and below are by Vakhtangi Darjania, in art Vako, a Georgian young guy who now lives in USA.  
Vako Design takes inspiration from the Socialist architecture and uses mainly plywood to create shapes that become various objects.
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Urban Jungle Bloggers: “Plants and flowers”

Another exciting challenge from Igor and Judith for Urban Jungle Bloggers entitled “Plants and flowers”!
I had this great idea about using edible flowers and plants but unfortunately I don’t have the time to find any pretty edible flowers that are only sold in selected shops.
It is sometimes better to keep it simple when decorating and in life too. This pretty little plant is a symbol of this message: it is robust, it doesn’t need too much care, its flowers last a long time and it is economical to buy. I bought it almost 2 months ago and it is still full of cute pink flowers.
The top photo is on a Platner table, in the photo below on a 1940’s chest of drawers next to a Kartell Bourgie light and in the bottom photo it is next to some Moroccan ashtrays. 

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Charlie Styrbjörn Nilsson’s Ladder

I have always appreciated this young Swedish designer since last year I saw his Ladder, made with steam bent wood techniques. It is such an outstanding piece of furniture! 
I really like the Cabinet Luftig as well, the colour and the shape of it reminds me of the Chinese cabinets but with a contemporary feeling. The knobs are made of cedar, they spread a nice perfume in the cabinet and they keep pests away. The twisted ribs of the see-through doors   add interest and movement to the volume catching the light.
Charlie Styrbjörn Nilsson is definitely a designer to keep an eye on. 


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Room collection by Kyuhyung Cho

Who says that bookshelves are for books? Well, surely not these ones from the Room Collection by Kyuhyung Cho that are more for looking at than filling with stuff. 
Over the long bank holiday weekend, I went to not one but two picnics with friends and their kids in a beautiful park near the Appia Antica, here in Rome, a large area of wild nature full of Roman ruins and secret paths. We walked a lot and I saw some amazing trees with incredible trunks. I would have loved to take some photos but I am not the kind of person who always has their phone in their pocket. 
In a time where everybody is into iron and vintage I crave some nice hand-made wooden pieces of furniture or features like the ones by Kyuhyung Cho in the pictures above.
See also the amazing Corners bookshelves he designed this year (third photo from the botton), presented in the Rossana Orlandi gallery.  
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Pastel pink

I really want to paint our entryway pale pink. It seems I never manage to get around to doing it for some reason but I would really love to do it (Alex, are you reading this?). Pale pink is one of the most soothing and easy colours to match. I totally hate the fact that it is so often associated with being feminine. Colours don’t have a sex. 
With this statement, I wish you a happy Easter, an Easter full of colour
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New ways to do geometric

Geometric is a big trend this year; it came back into fashion with the invasion of concrete tiles and consequently of geometric patterns for floors to spread then to textiles and wall coverings. 
There are many nice designs out there but what I wanted to propose here are some different uses of geometrics. The tiles Dandelion pictured in the photo top left are designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Marrakech Design. They are hexagonal tiles that can be installed with multiple layouts depending on how you turn them when installing. Bolon (top right photo) offers an innovative alternative to carpeting, the Bolon Studio carpet: tiles in five shapes and different colours that you can combine as you like (and easier to replace in parts if the carpet gets damaged or its is stained). 
The Circus wall paper by Cole & Son (below, photo by Paul Raeside from Living Etc.) is used to create a colorful decorative background, a valid and economic alternative to big sized art work.  
In the picture below,one of the possible uses of the cards made of synthetic paper by the Loco collection by Ixxi. Each square is  formed by two cards printed on both sided that you can arrange as you like creating your personal art work.
The wooden wall shelf Doppelt by Fundamental Berlin (above) adds character to a corner and allows you to display some of your little treasures. 
The Circus wall paper by Cole & Son (below, photo by Paul Raeside from Living Etc.) is used to create a colorful decorative background in this space with an arch and it offers a valid and economic alternative to big sized art work. 
As you can see, using the lateral thinking, you can combine shape, use and pattern to create refreshing products that gives a certain degree of uniqueness. 


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Urban Jungle Bloggers : “My plant shelfie”

How exciting, this is my first post as a Urban Jungle Blogger! The topic of the month is “My plant shelfie” which is very convenient considering that I have just bought some stunning black cowslips to plant next to my gorgeous small cyclamen. As you can well see, I love books and I have quite a few coffee table books. I love them because they look good, they smell good, every time I flick through one of them I spot something I haven’t seen before, they are inspiring and they are for forever
I hope you like my photos, it is really difficult to take decent pics of interiors, things look much more boring and dull through an inexperienced lens!