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Missana seats

I am going to show you chairs and armchairs that, I promise, would put you in a spring mood!
Missana is a Spanish furniture brand that has been in the market for years but it was relaunched in 2012 with a new fresh style and aesthetical philosophy.
They design furniture with joyfulness super-contemporary shapes and vibrant fashionable colours. This is a selection of some of the pieces I like best bu it wasn’t easy to pick they all come in various versions and in many different gorgeous colours. I highly recommend you to browse Missana website to see their full collections and don’t forget to let me know which piece you like best!

Images courtesy of Missana.

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Let’s go to Paris! JAG Gallery

And just like that, traveling has become a distant memory, if not impossible. All of a sudden, borders have been closed and our immediate area where we live has became our whole world. Who knows how long for it will be that we won’t be able to take a plane, a train or a boat on a whim, not for work, pleasure or to explore, no matter how big the urge to escape is, no matter how much we want to visit a loved one.

What I like about blogging is that it allows me to make people travel from their desks to somewhere they might not imagine themselves going to, to inspire curiosity, to show readers new exciting things and places.

After Marrakech and the YSL Museum, Rome with the project by m2ft , Milan with Spinzi Design, today we are going to fly with imagination to Paris, to the sophisticated Galerie Jag.

Galerie Jag is where curator Jessica Barouch displays a carefully selected collection of objects and furniture by artists from all over the world.

The space is a cosy apartment in the 7th Arrondissement, displaying wonderful attention to detail and “beautify” (a word Jessica uses and that I love) by displaying numerous sculptural pieces that are a part of Galerie Jag’s collection.

Colors and materials play an important role in unifying all the artistic elements: warm white, black backgrounds, wood, earthy and mellow hues.

Designed by Yuko Nishikaya
Designed by Yuko Nishikaya
Designed by Floris Wubben
Designed by Floris Wubben
Designed by Michael Verheyden
Designed by Ryosuke Yazaki

(Images courtesy of JAG Galerie)

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Save yourself

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This year seems to have started well. Nobody I know has mentioned the word “SALES” yet, which makes me hope that people are becoming a bit more conservative; Emanuele Farneti, Vogue Italia’s editor in chief, has decided to not publish any photos in the magazine’s January issue and replace them with illustrations, “in a nod to the need to take action to save the environment”; and at the Golden Globes a vegan menu was served, a sign that finally the mainstream is beginning to realise that some choices can have a massive ripple effect environment and therefore have a more positive influence. Things are moving in the right direction at last. 

I am in this mood as well: save the planet, save yourself from frusrtating consumerism, save your brain from too much internet connection.

One of the best discovery I made this year it is that I can set time limits for apps, categories or websites on my iPhone. For instance if you put 15 minutes as a time limit for Instagram, after that time frame your phone asks you if it is ok to close down or if you want to to ignore the limit and continue browing. This function gives you a concrete idea of how much time you spend zoning out in front of a screen, navigating through too many images and too much incomplete information. It also suggests that it is probably time to stop and that you could be doing something else. I am also making a conscious effort to look at the sky more. I have noticed I walk most of the time looking down or at eye level (when not looking at my phone screen). I look at people, at shops, at the floor, at houses or buildings but rarely up. When I do look at the sky, I find it soothing. It is almost a little massage for my eyes.

Joanna Lavén‘s interiors are consistent with my 2020 mood: elegant and somehow sustainable because they are timeless. I love the light in this apartment and the subtly serious, very tasteful use of colors. 

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Virgil Abloh x Ikea, not long to go

Finally, on 1st November, the much anticipated Ikea collection designed by Virgil Abloh is going to be available on stores worldwide.

Markerad collection counts 15 pieces: 3 rugs, a wall clock, a shopping bag in two sizes, a tool box, a day bed, a chair, a table and a wooden cabinet, sheets, a mirror and a back lit Mona Lisa art work.

Like basically everything designed by the polyhedral American fashion designer, artist, DJ, entrepeneur, the collection is probably going to be a big hit. Ikea long anticipatory advertising campaign has created a lot of expectation.

I think I will going to get the Temporary wall clock, the piece I like best!

(Photos courtesy of Ikea)

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2019 interior trends (as seen in Milan)

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I was in Milan last week and as usual I saw a lot of interesting things but also trends that I had already predicted in previous years.

This is my list of the 2019 interior trends after visiting this year’s edition of ISaloni.


I predicted that rounded sofas were going to be a big trend in 2017 but the world probably wasn’t ready at the time to embrace completely different shapes of sofa and armchair so it took a while for the trend to explode properly.

We spoke about it a few months ago in the post “White is back (and rounded sofas”) and since then this look has spread even more.

At the Salone del Mobile this year Adrenalina, an Italian brand, had the best examples in my book: well made, comfortable and original.

Bigala by Roberto Giacomucci is the perfect private nest and it can come with electric sockets and a little table:

Bixib by Luca Alessandrini changes perspective according to the point of view and the base is a mix of silk and bioresin.


Wall lamps that offer ambient light, perfect for corridors or entryways are finally back in fashion. It is something that you have probably seen in your grandmother’s house but the new designs are something else, geometrical, efficient, sexy.

Nemo has two wall lights I really like, very linear, very impressive.

Wall Shadows by Charles Kalpakian:

And Tubes by Charles Kalpakian:


In 2019 we will see a return to natural materials, especially wood.

Wicker will also have a renaissance.

Wicker chairs make a come back with new fun looks.

Lisetta by Elena Salmistraro for Bottega Intreccio is glamorous and funky at the same time. The four cushions in different hues make them unique.

Fratelli Boffi 5610/C LUI 5-A is a wicker throne more than a simple chair. It comes in different colors.


Versatile tiles are tiles that can be mixed and matched to achieve a unique (or at least different) pattern.

Versatile tiles are generally monochromatic and they come in various shapes. The idea is actually old: you can find amazing floors made of monochromatic tiles from the 1800’s and the first 60 years of 1900.

The tiles can be combined for colors or shapes and can be put horizontally or vertically in some cases.

Micro for instance offers a variety of micro tiles or mosaic tassels that you can freely combine; they are then sold in blocks.

Visit Micro‘s website to fully understand the extensions of their tiles and mosaic possibilities.

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Kids furniture that adults will envy

Hello my lovely readers,

I hope you are well. I am very well, I have a lot of things on these days. I am about to start a new project, the renovation of a 140 square metre apartment thankfully at a walkable distance from my house and I have so many exciting ideas. I hope I will be able to put them into practice.

My new website is almost ready, I will be launching it soon together with a video presenting my interior design shopping experience.

As I said I’m full of ideas and things I want to do that sometimes I think I should open a studio that follows various projects with the help of many different people working alongside me.

In my studio I would definitely have the Bambi Chair and the Marshmallow Chair from Kinder Modern (an online shop selling some incredible kids design furniture) even if I am too big to sit on them.

Below is a selection of cute products that you can find in Kinder Modern designed by various designers.

The rugs are really interesting and perfect for people who love color, not just kids.

Of course the prices are far from retailers like Ikea but we are speaking about pieces of design that you will want to display even when you sons and daughters leave the house for college.

The more inspiration, check the colourful prints by Castle or the clever furniture by Rafa Kids.

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+deco blog, plusdeco blog, plus deco, kids furniture, kids tables, kids rugs, design rugs, marshmallow stool, kids lights, kids chair, kids present ideas, wooden kids furniture, kids design furniture, kinder modern, interiors blog, interior design blog
+deco blog, plusdeco blog, plus deco, kids furniture, kids tables, kids rugs, design rugs, kids lights, kids chair, kids present ideas, wooden kids furniture, kids design furniture, kinder modern, interiors blog, interior design blog
+deco blog, plusdeco blog, plus deco, kids furniture, kids tables, kids lights, kids chair, kids present ideas, wooden kids furniture, kids design furniture, kinder modern, interiors blog, interior design blog
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Studio 140 Italian Arts and Crafts

I have known and worked with Emanuele for a few years and I am very excited about his new creative adventure, Studio 140.

Emanuele is an experienced art conservator, a skilled artisan, a volcanic designer and a lovely person.

In the last twenty years, he has designed and made many beautiful tables, frames, chairs; what I am showing you today and what you can see on Studio 140 website is only a selection of what he has created so far.

Emanuele has a unique approach because he merges the expertise of an artisan, the subtlety of an restorer and the inventiveness of a designer.

The result is Studio 140, a collection of life-lasting, beautifully detailed pieces.

All pieces can be made in any size a part from the unique pieces.

Studio 140 is also working on a new furniture collection made with scagliola, a substance made of selenite, glue and natural pigments that resembles marble or semi-precious stones.

This technique was very popular during the Baroque and it allows to make very hard-wearing surfaces with a richness of colors not possible in natural marble.

Here is a selection of my favourite pieces!














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Pinch Design

 Hello my dear readers! Guess what? I am on holiday! Unfortunately because I push myself to the limit, sometimes my body rebels and it is exactly what is happening today: I feel terrible, I have no energy and have an annoying headache. I will have to learn to stop and look after myself better, I suppose. 
But lets speak about exciting things instead! I love the new Joyce cabinet by Pinch Design. It combines wood, colour and iron, it has some display shelves but also some draws to hide clutter and because it is closed using glass doors it doesn’t collect dust or grease making it perfect for the kitchen as well. 
I also like the Lowry sideboard, the Vigo shelving and the Joyce chest of drawers, all have nice, clean designs and are well-made. 
Pinch Design was born in 2004 “with a single aim; to design and make furniture and lighting that we would want to live with”.  They are based in London, in an area where I lived for a few years, Clapham North. I will definitely go to see them when I next go to London.
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Wicker + metal garden chairs

Summer has arrived almost everywhere in Europe. Last Friday I organized, like every year, a birthday party at my friends’ house, on their lovely panoramic terrace. They have a dark grey outdoor sofa and armchairs made of hand woven plastic rattan that look very good. There are now some gorgeous garden chairs with wicker seats and metal structure on the market, a nice concept: the combination of the solidity of a contemporary hard material and the craftsmanship of a natural material plus, now, some cool bright colours. 
Have a look at my selection of wicker lamps, here.
 From top clockwise:
Raphia by Lucidipevere for Casamania
Too deep by Corradi
Hogsten by Ikea
Roxy by Vincent Sheppard