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Ikea 2019 summer collection

The month of February is going to be coloured by Ikea 2019 summer collection and it is going to put us in the mood for some good weather!

The collection is designed by Lotta Kühlhorn, Malin Unnborn and by designer group Papperian, a studio started in 2001 as part of an initiative for people with disabilities and a strong passion for art.

The colors and some patterns remind me of Marimekko first textiles.

The collection is joyful and perfect to decorate a sea holiday house.

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Watercoloured cushions

+decoblog, Suzie McAdam cushions 7

Hello everyone, I am having a calm September thankfully, it is always the same in Italy after the ‘national’ August break, it takes a few weeks for people to go back on track properly and organize the new projects. 
I have a few things lined up, it is just a question of sitting back, waiting and enjoying a slower pace (not really good at doing that, but getting better).
I was thinking of changing the curtains in some rooms of my house and experiment new ideas. 
For the living room, I wanted to get some white military net and see how it looks in an interior (they are used sometimes as outdoors gazebos covers). 
For the bedroom I would like some water colored fabric with a white background. I was inspired by these amazing cushions by interior designer Suzie Mac Adam (sold here, check it out, some are on sale now) and by the collection designed by Jessica Zoob for Romo Black Edition named Desire (see photo below). 
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Pastel pink

I really want to paint our entryway pale pink. It seems I never manage to get around to doing it for some reason but I would really love to do it (Alex, are you reading this?). Pale pink is one of the most soothing and easy colours to match. I totally hate the fact that it is so often associated with being feminine. Colours don’t have a sex. 
With this statement, I wish you a happy Easter, an Easter full of colour
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Marimekko’s new collection

I was a bit short on inspiration this week, in fact I think I used up all of my inspiration on my clients and I have found it difficult to find something I wanted to show you and speak about. Marimekko though came to my rescue with its new collection that I find cheering and simply beautiful! I like some of the pieces from the fashion collection too!
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Akin & Suri – Handmade Interiors

 Happy Tuesday everyone! 
Only one week to Christmas and I can’t wait to stop for a few days! I definitely need a break. 
I feel run down these days and I don’t know why. I mean, I am always fairly busy and with a overriding urge to find myself unnecessary things to do but this constant lack of energy is not normal. Very stubbornly I don’t go to doctors until it is imperative because I like to think that I can understand what it is going on in my body but this time I haven’t got a clue if this general tiredness is connected to my diet (intollerances), it is mental, it is because I haven’t practiced yoga for a bit or it is simply normal because I never stop. All this to say that I am looking forward to Christmas for once.
As you probably know by now, I like to buy useful presents for my friends and family; why not give some yards of fabric as a gift? It could sound odd but it was quite common years ago. I think it is a brilliant idea so watch out friends of mine who are reading the block. 
What about these beautiful linens Handmade Interiors ones by Akin & Suri?
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H&M cushions

+deco_cushion_H&M_2 +deco_cushion_H&M_1
+deco_cushion_H&M_3 +deco_cushion_H&M_5
Hello everyone, I’m back from holiday full of energy. I love this season, I love the end of the summer, the positive drive that we often have after the holiday and the cosiness that the imminent autumn brings.
I would like to thank all of you, all the people who read my blog periodically and all the people who just pop in. This blog means a lot to me, it coincided with an important period, a meaningful passage of my life. In fact I started +deco just after I had my first child, taking advantage of a few months of maternity leave, the first time span in my life where I wasn’t studying or working (in the last few years I  have been working far too much). I love selecting, thinking and creating my posts. I hope this shows. 
After this open hearted introduction, lets get back to ‘business’. These lovely cushions are from H&M Home. The quality is not great but they look good and they are affordable. Also the basic models -like the velvet ones above- come in many cool colours, perfect if you need to spice up a room. Check the website out, there are often sales (generally the best items are not reduced in price) and promotions on. Many of you might have to buy online, because H&M Home is only open in a few countries, unlike the clothing shops that  are widespread.
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Fashionably into interior

Fashion designers are known to dabble in interiors. Armani, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Diane Von Fursterberg, Missoni have had for a long time their own home collections which I find a bit boring and far too slick with the exception of the gorgeous Ralph Lauren and Missoni textile collections. Diesel have launched a new kitchen collection (above) in collaboration with Scavolini, a classic italian brand with a long, rich history in the field and are well known for their affordable quality. Enzo Rosso, founder of Diesel, does this industrial look very well so the results are a success.
In the last few years The Rug Company has enlisted many fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Marni, Lulu Guiness, Matthew Williamson, Alice Temperley. Considering that the process of designing a rug or a cushion involves designing a textile and is not so distant from what fashion designers do daily, the results are often very interesting. Designing furniture is a completely different skill compared to designing clothes, some fashion designers should keep it in mind (for instance   Italian Independent for Smeg and Antonio Marras for Rossana Orlandi). 
Check out these cushions and rugs from The Rug Company (as always Vivienne rules).