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I ♥ Fabio Viale (and you will too)

In Fabio Viale‘s hands marble becomes malleable and weightless but also urban and irreverent.

Fabio Viale makes sculptures as sophisticates as the classic ones but then he covers them with busy tattoos;  he creates paper planes made of marble, real boats, or lorry wheels.

In his hands marble becomes the most versatile material ever, it becomes paper, wood, flesh, plastic, rubber. Fabio Viale used marble as never before.

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Piero Lissoni Color Collection

Three years ago we saw many blue walls, two years ago many black walls and last year we saw many pink walls and burgundy walls.

Lets hope in 2018 we will see many natural and bio-friendly painted walls.

We can start with Piero Lissoni Color Paint Collection for Kerakoll for instance; they are water based, odour-free and free fromVOCs, formaldehyde, alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO), coalescing agents, plasticizers and heavy metals. It also comes in 100 beautiful shades.

This is the future of paint, I hope.

I really like the green, terracotta red and metal blue in the first three photographs from top in the chalky extra-mat finish @GEL PAINT.

Piero Lissoni –art director for prestigious brand like Alpi, Boffi, De Padova, Lema, Living Divani and the designer behind some iconic pieces of furniture- knows what effect, performance and quality is looking for when picking a paint for his projects, so who better than him could have worked with Kerakoll for a new line?

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DIY hanging frame

Today I wanted to share this tutorial with you from Design Sponge that explains how to make this simple but impressive hanging half frame which looks vintage but it is not. The photo was taken by the author of the tutorial and blown up to create an abstract effect. The palm leaf on the vase in front of the picture is a touch of class. You can read the step by step tutorial here

Good work! 

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DIY wall art for adults

source A Beautiful Mess
source Maria Teorien
source Happy Mundane
source Project Nursery
Lately there has been an invasion of DIY tutorials teaching how to redecorate basically everything. Recycling and making things by yourself is the new religion but I have done it for years, recycling, adapting, preserving objects, paintings, furniture in my projects, above all if they are quality pieces. 
Sometimes though I have the impression that these online decoration projects look better than they actually are. Things sometimes look cute in a photo but they are quite basic in real life and make your house look like a student flat.  
The ones I have selected above for you are ideas that work.
When choosing your DIY projects from the internet keep in mind the following advice:
1) Materials cost money, so sometimes a project is pitched as a cheap one but can actually end up costing like a  professionally framed poster. Before starting, take into consideration what you need (glue, paint, frame, utensils?) and how much you are going to end up spending.
2)Pick a project that doesn’t involve ruining the wall. If you don’t like the result it is much easier to paint over it or fill in a hole than having to re-plaster the entire wall. 
3)Trust the projects explained with numerous and close up photos. For instance, sometimes DIY wall art looks fine from the front but from the side you can see all sorts of flaws. 
4)If the project involves textiles, pick some nice fabric. The author of the project above (the nursery) used a Marimekko fabric; with more ordinary and less impressive fabric, the result would have been totally different.
4)Try to not do things that you have already seen in many other places. We tend to be attracted to what it is familiar to us but the net is a massive source of ideas, why copy what has already been largely copied?
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Potato printing

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I have been doing some potato printing with Giulio and it was great fun (even if the result was dubious because  three year old kids has got a quite anarchic concept of being creative, god bless them). I found out that I am not the only one that plays with potatoes so I had the idea of selecting some pretty potato projects for you. I keep it short because I am already anticipating how funny it is going to be translating this post into Italian considering that in my language ‘potato‘ is a cute name for the female sexual organ (my father is law, one of my favourite reader of the blog, is going to love this)!

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“Potato printing”, a craft book by Susanne Strose
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Decorating with graffiti

The Panic Room at the Au Vieux Panier Hotel in Marseille
from the 2014 Ikea catalogue
via Iddesign Jeddah
via Vectormu
via Not a Paper House
via Hannas Room
Inspired by my profile photo, I have selected for you some cool examples of how to decorate with graffiti. I am gutted that I haven’t got any photo of the piece of wall art Alex made in the apartment where we used to live before. 
If you have never made a graffiti before and if you have never used a spray can, I would strongly advice you to employ a graffiti artist. A part from that, be bold, if or whenever you will change your mind, you can paint it over! 
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Colourful stools


It is really hard in Italy at the moment, we are going through a big recession caused mainly by the way our politicians have run the country for the last 50 years. Most of us are oppressed by taxes, constricted by too many contorted rules and  not left very optimistic about our future. Young people are struggling and they dream of leaving the country with the sometimes false belief that abroad they will be happier. In such a dim panorama, strangely enough creativity blossoms and ideas flow. Sometimes the difficulties of daily life and a jolt to those certainties in life oblige your mind to think about new solutions. A working mind often produces good ideas. The government though must find the way to invest in the future and make the process of investing simpler.
The stools above show how a simple versatile object of daily use can be transformed.  The colours represent the hope that things in Italy will get better soon.

From the top / dall’alto :
Milking stool by Um Project
– Metal and wooden stools by HARTO design
– Knitted stools by Claire-Anne O’Brien 
– Colourful stools by Jo Black Designs
Prince Aha stools or occasional tables by Kartell
– DIY painted Frosta stools by Ikea
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Pretty Pegs

Every month I see quite a few spaces and a lot pieces of furniture. This visual feast makes me wanting to change things in and around my house more frequently than people who don’t work in the industry. If you add to that the fact that I am for nature extremely curious and fairly incline to life changes, you can imagine how Alex looks at me when I start the sentence with “Can I tell you something?”. Unfortunately I can’t always do what I would like to, I don’t have the time to fulfill all my impetuses. 
There are out there some clever ideas though that allow you to give to refresh the look of your space only changing  a few details. For instance last May a young Swedish couple decided to invest their marriage funds to open Pretty Pegs, an online shop that sell cute pegs for beds, tables, foot stools, armchairs, sofas and storage cabinets. Take in consideration when you see the prices that Pretty Pegs deliver for free worldwide.  
The red/pastel blue and gold ones look really good, what do you think? 
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The Painted House paint rollers

I have started the week with a smile on my face having spent a nice lazy weekend with some old friends.
On Saturday my friend Stefano -a cocktail bar manager who recently moved back to Rome after over 10 years between London and Dubai- organized an intimate cocktail party on his terrace and he spent all night making some wonderful cocktails for us. Can you think of anything better of chatting with the people you love and sipping watermelon martinis (amongst the others) on a warm summer Roman night? On Sunday we were invited by some other friends, Stesi and Marzia, to eat a very tasty American style BBQ in his lovely garden. As soon as I arrived I noticed that their house was looking much better organized and not just because they had tidied it up: it was evident the effort they had made to make the place prettier, they had also started to think about how to display objects and colours. I was really chuffed when Marzia said that she was inspired by my blog. It is the positive comments more than the growing number of visitors that make it worth it. 
Today I want to speak about a simple clever idea by The Painted House that I would like to have. It is a paint roller with two rolls, one is a sponge that collects the paint and the other is a stamp that imprints the pattern onto the wall. It is a valid alternative to wallpaper, it doesn’t cost much, it seems easy to use,  it can be used on different materials and unlike  wallpaper it allows you to change your mind more often, you can just paint it over. I wanted to try it on my entryway but I don’t have the time at the moment, when I do, I’ll post some pics. 
The idea is original but at least 100 years old, Clare Bosanquet took it from Romania and she gave it a modern twist. These ‘magic’ decorative rolls (worldwide) are sold on The Painted House website and the photos come from there.