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Tokyo Design Studio’s crockery

Hello my lovely readers,

I am back from my holiday in California and I am still pretty jet-lagged.

We have been waking up at 5 or 6 am everyday since we came back but at least we don’t have the unbearable wave of tiredness and sleepiness during the day.

The positive side of being jet-lagged at the end of August in Rome is that the city is still very empty so you can take advantage of the early unwanted rises to go out and admire the dawn from some of the best spots in the city centre.

I have published quite a few photos of my holiday on Instagram and some are still to come, if you want to see my visions and views, follow me, I promise it is not going to be boring!

I am preparing a post for the beginning of September (a bit like the September magazine issues) which is going to be fun but in the meanwhile I want to show you this beautiful Japanese style crockery by Tokyo Design Studio.

They are the perfect wedding gift! I love the black ones from the collection Onyx Noir: in those dishes almost anything you cook will look like something off Master Chef!

For more ideas, see also Oka’s plates in Indian style, the stunning Casa Perrin’s table set tables, the ceramics inspired by sailors tattoos by Mutti, 

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Rusty shades, earthy reds and melanchonic pinks

Violet is the 2018 Pantone color but we like rusty shades, earthy reds and melancholic pinks this year. To be honest, we are a bit bored of the fuss about Pantone‘s favourite colors.

Here is a selection of beautiful spaces dominated by colors that are between terracotta, bordeaux and red.

As you know I am looking for a new house, if I find it tomorrow I will definitely use one of these hues.

Images from Pinterest



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Interior Design Trends 2017- my contribution

The prestigious website The Lux Pad  has asked me, together with some influential bloggers, what the interior design trends will be in 2017.

This is my contribution:

“In 2017 people will display a more conscientious approach to consumerism, preferring more quality solutions and natural materials. Plants are going to be the must-have decoration for the house and they will inspire the colour palette for wall paint together with Africa (ochre, rust, burgundy). Wood will be widely used, counterbalanced by materials like marble and plexiglass. The Nineties are back with velvet, geometric shapes and tartans”.

Read the entire article here.


Image from www.vtwonen.nl

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African inspiration in Ikea

You probably all know by now that I consider the people at Ikea geniuses not just from a design point of view but also for their clever marketing, packaging and attention to the environment. It is also the only place in the world where I eat dodgy meat (how can you resist a hot dog or horse dog after a marathon through thousands of pieces of furniture?). You have to be careful though to not exaggerate, Ikea’s style is utterly recognizable and we have seen it all before: in the wrong context, they can be really boring. Above I have selected a few items inspired by Africa. If cleverly mixed with some vintage pieces and some lush plants, they will give your space an exotic African look which is very trendy right now. 
From top right clockwise :
-Vate paper light in red
-Vate paper light in blue
-Koldby cow skin rug
-Angenam vase
-Nasu bin
-a selection of fabrics by metres  
-Vate paper light in pink
-Karlskrona chaise longue
-Tradklover cushion
-Brommo chaise longue
-Kottebo bin 
-Vate paper light in yellow
-Vinager dish
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Neat masculine bedrooms

elle 2
Four beautiful neat bedroom looks that I would almost define masculine. If you decide to keep it minimal, it’s really important to find the right balance between natural raw materials, quality textiles and distinctive details, if you don’t want it to look just bare and boring. Also if you do go for this sort of look, keep in mind that it works only if it’s clutter free (and lets be honest men sometimes don’t understand this concept). 
Quattro look lineari per la camera da letto, che defineri quasi maschili. Se vuoi andare sul minimale, è importante trovare il giusto equilibrio fra materiali naturali, tessuti di qualità e dettagli di carattere, altrimenti il risultato potrebbe essere spoglio e noioso. Inoltre, se si opta per questo tipo di look, bisogna tenere presente che funziona solo se tenuto ordinato e con pochi oggetti.