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Elkebana, the first wall trophy suitable for vegans

A few days ago, a friend I work with at Allucinazione, as soon as he saw me, showed me these beautiful wall vases designed by a friend of his, sure of my enthusiasm. He wasn’t wrong and in fact I decided to write about it.

These very simple but extremely decorative designs are called Elkebana“the first wall trophy suitable for vegans”. 

It is a simple concept but very effective. It is made by a hand crafted piece of wood that resembles the head of an antelope or reindeer, completed with two glass tubes on which to put branches or flowers (that recall the horns of an antelope or reindeer).

You can change decorations every day if you want, using what you have in the garden or creating new combinations of stems.

The Elkebana wall trophies are sold here and cost around 129 euros each.

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Easy homemade cool Valentines

from Hello, Wonderful (free printable)
from Eat Drink Chic (free printable)
from GodfatherStyle
from Etsy
from Real Simple
from Real Simple


It is almost St.Valentines and it is time to get romantic. 
If you are in a relationship or not, it is the perfect chance to be sweet and make or buy a little something for a person we love or we fancy.
I selected a few original, cool and easy to make Valentine cards if you are short of ideas.
I got a few, the best being (Alex don’t get mad at me please) the anonymous ones I received when I was working as a bartender in London. 
Sending a message of love or appreciation without expecting anything back is the ultimate romantic gesture. 
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Michael Mullan and his jazzy illustrations

My friend Stefano, a cocktail bar manager, is going to be forty on 6th February and Alex and I wanted to give some artwork as a present. I was searching the internet when I came across Michael Mullan and his fun illustrations, some of which are available as  posters or cards or canvases in his shop. 
I love them, they are jazzy, eye-catching, cheerful.
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“The Chamber of Curiosity”

Next week is my birthday (again)! 
Last year my lovely Japanese sister in law and my brother in law bought me this amazing book, “The Chamber of Curiosity” by  R.Klanten, S.Borges, S.Ehmann published by Gestalten. I like to pick it up every so often and look at these beautiful interiors. It is a good coffee table book because it shows different approaches to decoration and different spaces by different interior designers. I love books and I don’t think I will ever switch over to a digital ebook because I love bookcases with real books, they are one of my musts in decorating houses. 
(this post is a subtle hint for whoever wants to buy me a present next week 🙂
+deco %22The chamber of curiosity%22 book
+deco_pag_224_Chamber_of_curiosity pag. 82-83
back %22the Curiosity of Chamber%22
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Jenny Rome’s fashion illustrations

Good morning everyone, I hope you are well. I am much better, my energy level is back after a period where I was feeling tired and run down (as I wrote in this post) because of an abnormal high level of iron in my blood. Many people know about the consequences of a low level of iron in your blood but the opposite is actually as dangerous and invalidating; often it doesn’t depend on the diet (in my case for instance I don’t eat much meat) but on genetics. I am back to normal now, I have started practicing Ashtanga yoga again and I feel full of energy and optimism. I like being busy I have to admit, it means that things are happening or that you are working to make things happening at least. I like movement.
Today I thought of giving you another reason to keep following my blog, introducing you to this talented American artist called Jenny Rome (cool name by the way) and her fabulous fashion illustrations. The good news for all us, lovers of interiors, is that she sells prints of them in Etsy and Society6 at affordable prices! I tell you what, I am going to buy one right one. 
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Christmas present post

Alexander treats me like a sort of Mr Scrooge because I hate waste and in my opinion Christmas is the celebration of waste (he is going to complain about this post, I know it). I just don’t like buying useless things or useless presents. I don’t think we need kilos of chocolate and sweeties but only a few good quality ones, I believe we don’t need to buy presents for people we barely know, I am convinced that when in doubt it is better buying something useful than something that it is going to end up in the rubbish bin and if people consider it weird to give a shower mat as a gift, it is their problem not mine. So yes, I am a little bit Mrs Scrooge but I am proud of it. 
Speaking of what, I have put together a few original ideas  for Christmas, some beautiful presents for people who like useful things!  The prices are in euros but they are all pieces that you can buy in most parts of the world. 
Check out last year Christmas post for more ideas.
  •  Pure Linen Scented Candle by Zara Home, 17,99 euros. It is pretty and it smells lovely.  I also really like the Ginger Bread one, very Christmassy.  
  • Karlos Missoni Home throw (around 370 dollars).  To keep you warm for the next few years.
  • A vintage bottle cooler from Etsy , this one is from FrenchBargains (24,52 euros). It is a very useful object and not many people have one.
  •  A food tour  or a cooking class. The photo below is one of the food tours in Naples organized by Eat In Italy Food Tours (75 euros, 60 euros under 12 of age). Giving as a present an experience instead of an object is the new chic.
  • Snoopy table lamp by Flos, around 749 euros. A classic that will find a place in any house.
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Brabantia, a good investment

Hello everyone, the summer has properly kicked off here, the thermometer is over 30 degrees most of day and sweating has yet again become the norm, even with the air conditioning on. 
This morning, I was watching my son battering the trash can with his plastic hammer in the kitchen and I decided it was about time to write a post about Brabantia. My friends took the mickey out of me a lot when I moved into my previous house and despite battling my budget every day as you usually do when you buy and refurbish a place, I was obsessed about getting the right Brabantia bin. I am glad I did. I have had it for ages and it is still working and looks great.
I have always been a big fan of Brabantia because I think they make some of the best trash cans in the market at fair prices. They have recently started producing these cute colourful bins.You can pick between over 200 colours or go for beautiful Mineral Collection
I am not one of those people that thinks you have to spend a lot of money on everything and I also don’t think that the price means necessarily high quality. Trash cans are one of the objects you use the most in the house, more than your shower and more than your toilet, it is advisable therefore to invest in a good looking and solid one.
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Learning to love you more

 Every time I flick through the book “Learning to love you more”, I can’t stop smiling. First of all, it reminds me of a lovely day with my friend Jackie in London; second it makes me feel like I am getting to know strangers. In 2002 Miranda July* and Harrell Fletcher offered 60 assignments to anyone willing to complete them. From 2002 to 2009 over 10,000 people from all over the world contributed to this project, sending texts, audio files, photos, drawings that were published on a website. “Learning to love you more” is an anthology of these documents, a sometimes moving, sometimes sweet, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes boring look into hundreds of peoples’ intimate lives.
The assigment 63 (“Make an encouraging banner”) has became almost a permanent feature when I decorate kids rooms. 
*her movie “Me and you and everyone we know” is a must-see. 
Miranda July
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A book to buy : “Etc.” by Sibella Court

This book, “Etc.” by Sibella Court, found me while I was looking for another title in a bookshop. I picked it up and unsure what to do with it, bought it. As soon as I arrived home I entered into the magic word of Sibella Court, a world made of beautiful indigo blues, old dusty objects, the beauty of disorder. The layout of the book is amazing, it looks like a handmade collection of words and images. 
My friends and Alex always tell me that I am unable to relax. I am always up to something. What they don’t understand, is that I relax while visiting a new place, writing or learning something new. Television series are not my cup of tea basically. What though I am aware of, is that sometimes we are so busy (or some people so lazy) that we end up living uninspired lives. In this sense Sibella Court‘s book makes you reflect on the magic power of memory and objects and personal places and inspires you to look at things through different eyes.