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Your own design Bee Home

We know that IKEA has always been upfront in design research and has always worked to find new environmentally friendly solutions for packaging and producing but this time they have outdone themselves. On United Nations International Bee Day, May 20 IKEA’s research and design lab SPACE10 has teamed up with design studio Bakken & Bæck and industrial designer Tanita Klein and they have launched Bee Home, a free and open-sourced design that allows everyone to design your very own Bee Home in just a few minutes.

This is how it works:
“Step 1: Design. Visit Bee Home website and design your own Bee Home based on predefined parameters. This means you not only select the size, height and visual expression, but also define if you want to place your Bee Home on a rooftop, a backyard or on a balcony. This makes the design process fun, intuitive and easy enough that it can be done in a matter of minutes.
Step 2: Fabricate. When satisfied with your design, you download the design files instantly and for free, which you then forward to your local makerspace and have them make it locally and on demand. On https://www.beehome.design/ you can find a list of makerspaces in your local area.
Step 3: Place.The final step is to place your Bee Home and plant some flowers.”

Bees are under increasing threat of extinction, as Myles Palmer, Project Lead at Bakken & Bæck explains:
“To reconnect with the many bees in our environment, we need to give back what we have taken from them: their homes. By designing new interactive experiences, we can create a more sustainable manufacturing process for doing so: one that is truly open-sourced, informed by local living and customisable for many contexts and uses.”

Images courtesy di SPACE10

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Virgil Abloh x Ikea, not long to go

Finally, on 1st November, the much anticipated Ikea collection designed by Virgil Abloh is going to be available on stores worldwide.

Markerad collection counts 15 pieces: 3 rugs, a wall clock, a shopping bag in two sizes, a tool box, a day bed, a chair, a table and a wooden cabinet, sheets, a mirror and a back lit Mona Lisa art work.

Like basically everything designed by the polyhedral American fashion designer, artist, DJ, entrepeneur, the collection is probably going to be a big hit. Ikea long anticipatory advertising campaign has created a lot of expectation.

I think I will going to get the Temporary wall clock, the piece I like best!

(Photos courtesy of Ikea)

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Ikea 2019 summer collection

The month of February is going to be coloured by Ikea 2019 summer collection and it is going to put us in the mood for some good weather!

The collection is designed by Lotta Kühlhorn, Malin Unnborn and by designer group Papperian, a studio started in 2001 as part of an initiative for people with disabilities and a strong passion for art.

The colors and some patterns remind me of Marimekko first textiles.

The collection is joyful and perfect to decorate a sea holiday house.

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Hay for Ikea

Hay has just released a few images of the products they designed for Ikea; the collection called Ypperlig will be released in October worldwide.

This is another prestigious collaboration, after the Sinnerling collection designed by one of my favourite interior designer Ilse Crawford in 2015. One of prettiest Ikea pendant lights is part of that collection;  you can still spot this lamp made of bamboo lattice in so many cool houses and bars published in magazines.

The Ypperlig collection looks very well made, in perfect accord with Hay‘s philosophy  but at the very competitive Ikea’s prices.

I will definitely get for me and the people I work with the black stationary set; it is difficult to find affordable stylish objects for the desks (in fact at home I keep stationary in a draw)!

The red framed mirror, also available in green, seems to be a very good idea for an entryway.

Ikea is getting better even in presenting their products, the styling in the Ypperlig campaign photos is wonderful, the images are very catchy and inspirational. For instance I love the dark red wall with the pink pipe, definitely an idea to copy!

Which one is your favourite Hay/Ikea piece?

Have you already thought about what would you like to change in your house or working space in Autumn?


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Ikea’s limited collection Stunsig

Ikea has just launched Stunsig, a limited edition collection available since June in the Swedish brand stores worldwide.

These fun tableware, cushions, rugs and bedding were designed by uprising  artists and designers Frédérique Vernillet, Malcolm Stuart,

Pinar & Viola, Steven Harrington, Team Hawaii and Tilde Bay.

Ikea’s limited edition collections are increasingly more interesting time after time;  people even use their fabrics  to make clothes, that says something, which says something.

I particularly like the black and white graphic rug and the unusually shaped colorful rug and the eyes patterns.

And you? What is your favourite design from Stunsig collection?


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Some of the best rattan lights

Today it was a bank holiday in Rome. Yes, you heard me right, just in Rome.
In Italy bank holidays are always certain dates. Sometimes it is in memory of an historical event (for example 2nd June, the day when the Republic was established), sometimes it is to celebrate a religious festivity (Christmas, Easter or 1st November) and once a year it is in honour of a saint (in this case, it changes accordingly to whereabouts you live in Italy).
I spent all day at the lake with some friends and my family and it was lovely.
I was very tired, June has been socially busy as well, a hard test for the body considering you end up going out almost every night.
I have a very summery post for you tonight about rattan lights. 
They emanate a nice light, give a tropical-exotic feel to the house and are gentle on your wallet. What else can you ask for?
This is my selection, I hope you like it. My favourite are Bolla by Gervasoni and  the Sinnerling pendants from Ikea.
Stay tuned because I have more fabulous rattan furniture to show you!


Sangha collection from Dark at Night


from Habitat


from Rockett St George


in many different shades from The Family Love Tree


Sinnerling pendant from Ikea


Bolla by Gervasoni

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Ikea new kitchen wall shelving system and too much Whatsapp

Busy week and weekend for me and tonight I can’t wait to have a shower and go to bed to read.
Some days I feel like the main thing I do is trying to be on time and in time, when my mobile phone accumulates unread Whatsup and emails to be opened. 
I often ask myself if this eccessive and overflowing communication allowed and incentivated by the mobile phones and by the internet connection is not a convinction, in the end. 
We can’t avoid telling each others things at all the time. 
It looks like our individuality makes sense only if shared and therefore watered down. We can’t avoid telling our opinion all the time, to live our daily life without sharing it. 
13 emails and 46 Whatsapp to read.
13 emails and 46 Whatsapp that you try to read while walking to the car, while you look for your wallet in the purse or at the traffic light when your son, sat at the back, is telling how his day went at school. 
I haven’t bought any kitchen in Ikea for a few months ( in 2014 and 2015 I picked 5 of them!) so I am not up-to-date as much with Ikea new collections. 
Never to late to catch up with the Falsterbo wall shelving system out at the beginning of the year but distribuited all around the world only these days.
As often when you speak about Ikea products, it is a total bargain, it looks cool and it is practical with the little drawers and hooks. 
It goes really well with the pine kitchen panels Torhamn (second photo from top) and the Vardagen accessories (last photo from top).
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Ikea kitchens hacked by Reform architects

Over the last 3 years I have bought 5 Ikea Faktum kitchens for my clients. 
As a matter of fact, Ikea kitchens are a valid option for people who don’t want to invest much in a kitchen because they are on a budget or because they are furnishing a holiday house. In my opinion, you either go for a very beautiful product or you buy an Ikea kitchen; the options in between often don’t work and you end up spending more but still not having a customized quality kitchen. 
I always purchase the same model in Ikea, the white lacquered Faktum, now replaced with the Metod range. It is linear, it reflects the light, it looks good and it doesn’t show dirt as much; of course it lacks the details that make it personal.
Reform solves the problem. The company has collaborated with some Danish architects to offer personalized options to the Ikea Metod panels and tabletops. 
It is very easy, as  it states on the website  “send us your IKEA order confirmation and work drawings along with your choice of Reform kitchen and tabletop style and colour. Shortly after, we will send you an order confirmation and as soon as you accept it, your kitchen fronts will arrive within 3–4 weeks.” 
It is definitely worth giving it a go, what do you think?  
(photos from the Reform website)
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Ikea Sinnerling Collection

Often big brands ask  guest designers to create a collection. 
It is a really good way of introducing a fresh style to a brand and at the same time allows the brand to fly on the coattails of a famous person. 
Ikea asked Ilse Crawford to design 30 products that are going to be released under the name Sinnerlig collection in the USA in August and in Europe in autumn.
Ilse Crawford and her London based studio do residential, office, retail, hospitality spaces with a style that Remodelista rightly defined as ‘warm minimalist’. 
Her interiors are elegant and comfortable, spaces that are easy to live in, where the human being and their needs are at the centre, even if at times they can look a bit bare.
In an interview for Marcus Fairs of Dezeen, she explained how her Danish and Scandinavian upbringing influenced her approach to interiors : “If you look at the way designers approach buildings, I would say that the majority do it from a conceptual perspective but the Scandinavians start from the point of view of where the door will be, how you experience the space.”

The fact that Ikea asked her to design a collection shows once more that they work well at Ikea.  Her very sleek collection made of natural materials and linear shapes brings elegance  to Ikea.
As usual it is always advisable to check the products in shop (you can even do it at Expo 2015 in Milan) but I already like the idea of using cork as a table top, the light that the outdoor lights emanate and the general natural feeling of the collection. I am just disappointed that they didn’t release the collection before the summer. 
Out of curiosity, does anyone knows what Sinnerlig means? 

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New Ikea wireless charging furniture

Ikea is always ahead, no doubt about it.
The new wireless charging furniture range is the umpteenth example of their talent in responding to new needs and habits. It includes coffee tables, bedside tables, lamps and pads fitted with wireless charging spots that supports the common Qi industry standard and therefore compatible with IPhones and Samsung cell phones)
Soon you will be able to charge your phone just putting it on a table. 
The Ikea wireless charging collection will be available next month in USA and UK and soon after in the rest of the world. Good job. 
Last night I was reading on the internet (I want to buy the biography!) the story of Ikea‘s founder Ingvar Kamprad, a weird character who built an empire from nothing, a marketing genius and a brilliant mind who once said that designing “a desk which may cost $1,000 is easy for a furniture designer, but to design a functional and good desk which shall cost $50 can only be done by the very best”.