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About Anastasia Savinova’s collages and eating meat

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I am back to reality in Rome after two weeks touring England. I came back inspired and mentally energised ( I will tell you all about it in my next post) but in need of a diet. Even if in Britain the cooking ability and the awareness of quality of ingredients has increased, meat is still a widely common ingredient and most people eat meat at least once a day. I need to go back to my almost meat-free diet, which is -no doubt- better for the environment and better for my body.

Cutting your meat consumption should be the first answer as well for all the people who feel indignant about what is happening in the Amazon.

This is not the place to explain why, there are numerous scientific reports, documentaries, articles out there that prove why animal agricultural is the most polluting factor nowadays.

Going back to a more suitable subject for +deco, I want to finish the month with some original collages by Anastasia Savinova.

They represent the possibility of building something solid uniting different elements.

The collages are part of a series called Genius Loci. As explained on Anastasia Savinova‘s website, “each work is composed of numerous photographs of buildings and landscape forms that are true and authentic for a studied area. These works balance between documentary and fiction, factual and imaginary spaces, and become keepers of the memory and the spirit of the Place.”

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Leila Ataya, my latest obsession

Leila Ataya is my latest obsession. I love the sexiness of her dark age futuristic heroines. I love the detail in her paintings.

I know in my last post I ranted about what a waste of money and time Christmas presents can be sometimes but this is different.

So my dear friends and family (or I should say, my dear Father Christmas), could I please have a painting from Leila Ataya this year?

I have been a good girl, I promise….


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Add some fun with a cactus

Cactus has always been perceived as a fun plant. It must be their shape (and I am not going into that) or the fact that they so resilient and primitive looking or just because of their peculiar name.

As a matter of fact,  I have noticed that only fun people decide to decorate with cactus shaped objects or textiles represented cacti.

So if you also want to join the clan and you are looking for some inspiration, here is a selection of ideas to make your life a bit more…pricky!

If you like the tropical trend in general, check out my post with some advice or discover some amazing wallpapers here.

A 170 cm high cactus by Gufram.

White porceilan set of cactai from I Love Retro.

Cactus juicer from Red Candy

Cuilko textile by Pierre Frey

Serving dish by Hallmark.

Cactai candles from Not On The High Street


A colourful pencil holder from Red Candy

Cactus framed art by Houzz.










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Unskilled Worker’s art (Gucci already knows)

Everybody speaks about Gucci and Alessandro Michele and rightly so.

I have been following Lallo –as he called himself on Instagram- since he became creative director of Gucci in 2015.

I have always sustained that creativity needs to be fed by culture; the most creative people in the world are curious, they  read book, observe, travel, watch movies, learn from other artists.

Alessandro Michele is an incredible example of this concept. A photographer I work with showed me a few weeks ago some photos of his studio and the first thing that came to my attention was a long table covered with art books and different memorabilia.

His fashion is influenced by paintings, cinema, the world.

Alessandro Michele is also very good at discovering or using new talents, like  Jayde Fish , who he “met” in Instagram and whose illustration were used in SS17 collection but also before then.

Today it is the turn of Helen Downie aka Unskilled Worker , a British painter, discovered by photographer Nick Knight but soon made part of Alessandro Michele’s stuble.

P.S: And speaking about culture, her charcters’ eyes remind me of The Portrait of  Wally by Egon Schiele…





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Leah Bartholomew’s art prints

Leah Bartholomew‘s website is a must see not just because of her vibrant art prints but also because the photos that present her work are very well-styled and give food for creative thought. The image below, for instance, presents a very pleasant bedroom where all the elements work together in harmony: the functional but stylish wooden furniture, the accessories, the beautifully matched linen throws, the punchy-colored art work.

Italians like white walls. They generally invest in good quality building work, materials and finishings and for this reason they go for the safer decorative option, the option that won’t bore them after a few months. When they move in their brand new houses though, they find their spaces cold and lacking of personality and often they ask me how to add color and character. The best way is to pick original art work and add colorful accessories. Keep in mind that colorful doesn’t necessary mean bright red or radiant yellow. It can mean a well thought composition of natural textiles in earthy colors, an unusual combination of hues (like in some photos from Leah Bartholomew‘s website) or plants and flowers.

I will never get tired of saying that keeping the house uncluttered and displaying only pretty objects is mandatory. It doesn’t matter if the old auntie could get upset if she doesn’t see the horrid expensive ceramic angel she gave you at your wedding on display on your shelf.  Your esthetic well being is much more important.

deco_leahbartholomew_its_bright_and_warm deco_leahbartholomew_sea_dasies deco_leahbartholomew_electric_blue_day deco_leahbartholomew_cool_breeze deco_leahbartholomew_autumn_is_here deco_leahbartholomew_i_think_of_youdeco_leahbartholomew_cunvejoi_plants




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Nick Barclay’s posters

I can’t stand still recently, I feel restless- sometimes anxious, sometimes just happy to work hard.
Today I went to print a big photo that I am going to glue (…or Alex will, he doesn’t know it yet) on a piece of corrugated fiberglass.
There is always need of some good new ideas to ‘dress’ our walls.
Nick Barcklay‘s incredible graphic designs, that I discovered while searching for a present for my cocktail manager friend Stefano (who we ended up buying a bottle of Blue Label Johnnie Walker for; for the full story and to see what else I discovered, click here) are definitely a good idea.
Nick Barcklay is a very cunning graphic design based in Australia with the rare gift of being able to picture every concept in geometry and color.
In his world, cities are described with a neat and polished combination of shapes and tints, the history of 007 is a collection of abstract symbols on a black background, cocktails are pictured through attractive geometries.
I love his work. It is different and refreshingly original.
Recently he studied “a visual technique where by staring at the top word will make the word below slowly disappear”.
In the series Vanishing Type, if you stare at the world LOVE for long enough the word HATE will disappear (see the image below of the poster with blu stripes and ping writings) and the same for GUNS/LIVES, KNOWLEDGE/IGNORANCE, MONEY/INTEGRITY.
They are not actually my favourite posters designed by Nick Barclay but I really like the concept behind it.
The coffee collection is also new (see the bitmap image at the bottom), with very trendy and relaxing colors. Being an Italian I only drink espresso and to fully appreciate the collection, I should research what some of the coffees are like, for instance, the flat white.

deco_nick-barclay_cities deco_nick-barclay_london-underground-lines new-group-shot-4 deco_static-squarespace_nick_barclaydeco_nick-barclay_007


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Michael Mullan and his jazzy illustrations

My friend Stefano, a cocktail bar manager, is going to be forty on 6th February and Alex and I wanted to give some artwork as a present. I was searching the internet when I came across Michael Mullan and his fun illustrations, some of which are available as  posters or cards or canvases in his shop. 
I love them, they are jazzy, eye-catching, cheerful.
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A French illustrator in Barcelona: Lapin

Today I came across this cool wall mural (below right ) by French illustrator and urban sketcher (I love this definition!) Lapin.
For this project he repreposes some of his most popular sketches and the fun part about it is that your kids can color in the figures.
Think about how many hours it could keep them occupied while you sip your glass of wine reading my blog on the sofa!
They are produced and sold by The Wallery and they come in different sizes (200×150 cm, 159 euros).
Of course, because I am a very curious creature, I did a little research about this Frenchman who likes hats and I discovered a very talented illustrator with an enchanting view of the world.
In the last few years Lapin has used his magic pencil for many projects and customers, designing walls, stickers, lights, labels, publishing sketch books and cooperating with the fashion industry.
A few days ago I took a photo of some labels he designed in a shop without knowing they were by him.
It is destiny, I can’t refrain from showing these off.



Photos from Lapin website.
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Jenny Rome’s fashion illustrations

Good morning everyone, I hope you are well. I am much better, my energy level is back after a period where I was feeling tired and run down (as I wrote in this post) because of an abnormal high level of iron in my blood. Many people know about the consequences of a low level of iron in your blood but the opposite is actually as dangerous and invalidating; often it doesn’t depend on the diet (in my case for instance I don’t eat much meat) but on genetics. I am back to normal now, I have started practicing Ashtanga yoga again and I feel full of energy and optimism. I like being busy I have to admit, it means that things are happening or that you are working to make things happening at least. I like movement.
Today I thought of giving you another reason to keep following my blog, introducing you to this talented American artist called Jenny Rome (cool name by the way) and her fabulous fashion illustrations. The good news for all us, lovers of interiors, is that she sells prints of them in Etsy and Society6 at affordable prices! I tell you what, I am going to buy one right one. 
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Dolce & Gabbana illustrations

Sorry, my dear readers, I haven’t posted as frequently as I would have liked recently but I have just spent 2 weeks up in the mountains where I was lucky enough to visit some incredible houses; soon I will be posting some pictures of them. 
To ask for your forgiveness, I thought I would publish a super post.
I saw these super cool illustrations by Ben Liu and Peter McNierney inspired by the SS13 Dolce & Gabbana collection. Ben Liu‘s drawings show superheroes in fabulous clothing: Wolverine (alias the super hot model of the super sexy D&G Light and Blue advertisements, David Gandy), Wonder Woman (alias one of the finest examples of the Italian species, Monica Bellucci), Green Lantern (alias Noah Mills, not sure who he is but he is super fine as well) and Cat Woman (alias Audrey Hepburn who doesn’t need a silly comment). 
Superman on the loo smoking a fag while chatting on the phone is undoubtedly my favourite. 
Peter McNierney‘s drawings is less pop but very elegant.
The illustrations were made for Swide Magazine, Dolce & Gabbana online magazine which is also super cool.