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Spinzi Design Roots

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There are some materials that bring back memories, that carry some degree of intimacy, even if we don’t know what they are called. They change according to people’s experiences in life and some are also related to specific geographical areas. I am sure that many people who live or grew up in Lombardia associate with Ceppo stone for instance. Ceppo stone, extracted mainly from the area near Lago D’Iseo, is a natural sedimentary stone with a beautiful warm color often used in architecture and interiors all over the world.

Today, in tribute to Lombardia, a region that is being so badly affected by the disruptive force of Covid 19, we are going to look at some gorgeous designs by Tommaso Spinzi which for me evoke nostalgic feelings and have a very contemporary refinement.

Tommaso Spinzi is a young sophisticated Interior and Furniture designer with an international pedigree and a studio in Milan called Spinzi Design that offers Interior Design, Furniture Design and Art Direction services.

In 2019 he designed the Origini Collection (Origini means Roots in English) using some recovered Ceppo stone and the frames of Mid- 20th Century Collection furniture.

The inspiration came when, having moved to Milan after many years abroad, Tommaso went for a ride on his motorcycle and saw some imposing historical architecture made from this elegant grey stone that looks like Conglomerate stone.

Origini is the result of this warm feeling of revival and procured nostalgia; the collection mixes different elements of stone, metal and brass with impressive character and uses original furniture legs from the 1950’s and blocks of recovered stone.

Each piece is unique, a statement and an investment.

(Photos courtesy Tommaso Spinzi, artwork on wall Dripping Face by Alessandro Paglia)

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Studio 140 Italian Arts and Crafts

I have known and worked with Emanuele for a few years and I am very excited about his new creative adventure, Studio 140.

Emanuele is an experienced art conservator, a skilled artisan, a volcanic designer and a lovely person.

In the last twenty years, he has designed and made many beautiful tables, frames, chairs; what I am showing you today and what you can see on Studio 140 website is only a selection of what he has created so far.

Emanuele has a unique approach because he merges the expertise of an artisan, the subtlety of an restorer and the inventiveness of a designer.

The result is Studio 140, a collection of life-lasting, beautifully detailed pieces.

All pieces can be made in any size a part from the unique pieces.

Studio 140 is also working on a new furniture collection made with scagliola, a substance made of selenite, glue and natural pigments that resembles marble or semi-precious stones.

This technique was very popular during the Baroque and it allows to make very hard-wearing surfaces with a richness of colors not possible in natural marble.

Here is a selection of my favourite pieces!














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An original apartment by Marcante Testa

I am going to show you today a truly original apartment in Venice designed by the studio Marcante Testa. This is the first apartment completed in the renovation of a nineteenth century building in a small canal near San Marco.

As you know I periodically ponder on the concept of originality (see my post about the Salone del Mobile 2015 and Salone del Mobile 2017) because I believe it is really difficult to do something new these days. Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa managed to mix Memphis studio inspired objects (to know more about Memphis Studio and see the inspired Kartell collection, read here) ,  vintage glamorous brass elements, unusual combination of colors and iron frames and furniture in bright colors.

I would have never said that all these things could look good together but they somehow do and the result is interesting and very balanced.

I love the idea of ‘framing’ the doors and windows and to encapsulate the kitchen with iron structures.

I love the fact that on the page dedicated to the project on the  Marcante and Testa website you can find out, room by room, where all the furniture is from.

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I need some Witamina-D

I have been flirting with the idea of producing my own furniture for a while. I already have a list of designs I would like to make. 
The problem is that I need longer days and/or a fat inheritance that would allow me to concentrate on my projects without worrying. 
I could reduce my time sleeping or try to be more efficient but it looks like I have enough things on my plate at the moment, between work, the blog, the family and my essential weekly dose of social and cultural appointments. 
Perhaps I could cut the time I spend chatting -face to face, on the phone, on Whatsapp (which I am beginning to develop a sort of hatred for, read this for more funny complaining). It has become a world of people who speak too much without saying anything interesting?  
The best solution is probably the big fat inheritance. 
So I’m hearby announcing my availability for adoption prior to a presentation of assets and bank account records!!!! No time wasters please.
In the meanwhile, lets enjoy these charming designs from Witamina D, a polish design duo that create durable, simple things, using beautiful wood. 
Mi è balenata più volte l’idea di produrre degli arredi disegnati da me. Ho già una lista di design che farei. 
Il problema è che avrei bisogno di giorni più lunghi e/o di una grassa eredità che mi permetta di dedicarmi ai miei progetti senza pressioni. 
Potrei recuperare tempo dormendo meno o cercando di essere più efficiente ma mi sembra di fare già abbastanza, fra il lavoro, il blog, la famiglia e una dose di vita culturale e sociale, per me vitale.
Forse potrei ridurre il tempo speso a chiacchierare -faccia a faccia, al telefono, su Whatsapp (verso cui nutro astio al momento, leggi qui). E’ diventato un mondo di persone che parlano troppo senza dire niente (di necessario? di interessante? a voi l’ardua sentenza).
Mi sa che la soluzione migliore è la grassa grossa eredità. 
Apro ufficialmente le candidature per la mia adozione previa presentazione dichiarazione dei redditi; astenersi perditempo.
Nel frattempo, godiamoci questi interessanti design di Witamina D
un duo polacco che crea oggetti semplici e solidi, usando bei legni. 
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The Duck and Rice restaurant in London

Last weekend I was in London and my friends Jackie and Kelly took me for a birthday treat to The Gallery at Sketch for an amazing afternoon tea (and a glass of proper champagne). On the way to Oxford Circus where I was supposed to meet them, I walked past the newly opened The Duck and Rice and I couldn’t resist to take a peek inside. 
The Duck and Rice showcases, in a blue shell, some of the biggest trends of the moment: copper beer tanks, brown leather upholstered industrial seats, gold finished lights, rich wooden floors, elaborated glass walls
The result is very classy and not predictable. The flowery blue and white walls soften the predominant masculine presence of browns, wood and leather, and brushed bronze. 
It is definitely a look to copy.
I was tempted to stop for a nibble to be honest, apparently the food is really good there, either at the restaurant upstairs or at the gastropub downstairs…next time!
If you want to recreate the same look, just get a vintage light, a wooden table, a brown leather armchair and, for instance, one of Christian Lacroix’s wallpapers from Designers Guild, pictured below (Azulejos e Belle Rives).