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Kids furniture that adults will envy

Hello my lovely readers,

I hope you are well. I am very well, I have a lot of things on these days. I am about to start a new project, the renovation of a 140 square metre apartment thankfully at a walkable distance from my house and I have so many exciting ideas. I hope I will be able to put them into practice.

My new website is almost ready, I will be launching it soon together with a video presenting my interior design shopping experience.

As I said I’m full of ideas and things I want to do that sometimes I think I should open a studio that follows various projects with the help of many different people working alongside me.

In my studio I would definitely have the Bambi Chair and the Marshmallow Chair from Kinder Modern (an online shop selling some incredible kids design furniture) even if I am too big to sit on them.

Below is a selection of cute products that you can find in Kinder Modern designed by various designers.

The rugs are really interesting and perfect for people who love color, not just kids.

Of course the prices are far from retailers like Ikea but we are speaking about pieces of design that you will want to display even when you sons and daughters leave the house for college.

The more inspiration, check the colourful prints by Castle or the clever furniture by Rafa Kids.

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+deco blog, plusdeco blog, plus deco, kids furniture, kids tables, kids rugs, design rugs, marshmallow stool, kids lights, kids chair, kids present ideas, wooden kids furniture, kids design furniture, kinder modern, interiors blog, interior design blog
+deco blog, plusdeco blog, plus deco, kids furniture, kids tables, kids rugs, design rugs, kids lights, kids chair, kids present ideas, wooden kids furniture, kids design furniture, kinder modern, interiors blog, interior design blog
+deco blog, plusdeco blog, plus deco, kids furniture, kids tables, kids lights, kids chair, kids present ideas, wooden kids furniture, kids design furniture, kinder modern, interiors blog, interior design blog
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The Ice Cream Museum

I really want to go Los Angeles, I have never been and it is at the top of my wish list.

Now that I have seen the images of the Ice Cream Museum I want to go even more!

The Ice Cream Museum, founded by the young Maryellis Bunn and Manish Vora, is already fully booked until August after Beyonce and other celebrities shared some pics of it on Instagram.

Photos by Cameron Dallas

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Kids just like to have fun (and Castle)

Raising kids is fun. They are so open, unfiltered, imaginative, cute, sometimes nerve-wrackingly selfish and loveable at the same time.  You don’t have to have kids to experience all this (I hate it when people make comments like that). You can make friends with your siblings or your friends’ kids. I really advise you to find some time to spend with some children because they are wicked. Almost all of them!  Just let them be themselves (if you want to hear more about this, read my post “Kids are not perfect thankfully” and see Maiko Nagao‘s beautiful handwritten world)

The Australian brand Castle is perfect for kids because they embrace their inner child, at Castle they love having fun. Their website says “We love color and whimsy. We love making accessible art and beautiful bedlinen. We love spots and fluo and pink and yellow and orange and grey and love hearts and flowers and paint and felt and everything that POPS around in our studio”. Who can deny that? Check the bananas and the letters bedlinen for instance. So much fun!

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Kids are not perfect thankfully

I was thinking yesterday that kids grow up in such a competitive world nowadays, it is scary. To be honest they probably don’t understand it just yet, if it wasn’t for us parents, who put so much pressure on them to be perfect without realising the consequences of it. We have all the best intentions, we want our kids to be happy and successful so we try to bring them up as complete as possible according to the modern standard of this competitive society. Since an early age, they have to learn to socialise, to swim, to play an instrument, sometimes to learn a language, to be cool, to be confident and competitive, independent and intelligent, sweet but strong, creative and studious. Even if we would never admit it, we want them to be perfect and perfectly ‘sellable’ in this big market that is today’s society.

Last Saturday I went with Giulio to his friend’s party and Giulio, as he sometimes does, spent the first 20 minutes playing by himself. I had at least 3 adults asking me what was wrong with him. I like to think of myself as a logical person but I started to ponder if Giulio might have a problem.

But is it not normal, when you go to a party where you don’t know anyone, to keep to yourself for a little while? Giulio wasn’t sad, or upset, or anyhow troubled or intimidated, he was just playing by himself. He wasn’t doing what we think a successful kid should do, as simple as that.

It wasn’t him with a problem, it was me and the other adults who had asked what was wrong with him.

We love them because they are spontaneous and at the same time we do everything we can to fit them into a structure.

Kids are not perfect and if we want to raise them happy, confident and able to deal with life’s sudden twist and turns, emotions, pain and competition, we need to learn to let them live at their own pace, without trying to increase their level of perfection all the time.

Maiko Nagao seems to have figured out what makes her happy, scribbling away and creating beautiful prints that she now sells through her online shop that delivers worldwide.

To get you into the right mood to discover Maiko Nagao‘s beautiful handwritten world, I have published some of the free printables she has kindly shared on her blog; also check out her shop for the pretty baby gift boxes, funky wall art or cards or for personal customized work contact her directly.

Free print by Maiko Nagao

Free print by Maiko Nagao

Free print by Maiko Nagao


Free print by Maiko Nagao


Free print by Maiko Nagao

Free print by Maiko Nagao

Available at Maiko Nagao

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Leah Bartholomew’s art prints

Leah Bartholomew‘s website is a must see not just because of her vibrant art prints but also because the photos that present her work are very well-styled and give food for creative thought. The image below, for instance, presents a very pleasant bedroom where all the elements work together in harmony: the functional but stylish wooden furniture, the accessories, the beautifully matched linen throws, the punchy-colored art work.

Italians like white walls. They generally invest in good quality building work, materials and finishings and for this reason they go for the safer decorative option, the option that won’t bore them after a few months. When they move in their brand new houses though, they find their spaces cold and lacking of personality and often they ask me how to add color and character. The best way is to pick original art work and add colorful accessories. Keep in mind that colorful doesn’t necessary mean bright red or radiant yellow. It can mean a well thought composition of natural textiles in earthy colors, an unusual combination of hues (like in some photos from Leah Bartholomew‘s website) or plants and flowers.

I will never get tired of saying that keeping the house uncluttered and displaying only pretty objects is mandatory. It doesn’t matter if the old auntie could get upset if she doesn’t see the horrid expensive ceramic angel she gave you at your wedding on display on your shelf.  Your esthetic well being is much more important.

deco_leahbartholomew_its_bright_and_warm deco_leahbartholomew_sea_dasies deco_leahbartholomew_electric_blue_day deco_leahbartholomew_cool_breeze deco_leahbartholomew_autumn_is_here deco_leahbartholomew_i_think_of_youdeco_leahbartholomew_cunvejoi_plants




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Potato printing

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I have been doing some potato printing with Giulio and it was great fun (even if the result was dubious because  three year old kids has got a quite anarchic concept of being creative, god bless them). I found out that I am not the only one that plays with potatoes so I had the idea of selecting some pretty potato projects for you. I keep it short because I am already anticipating how funny it is going to be translating this post into Italian considering that in my language ‘potato‘ is a cute name for the female sexual organ (my father is law, one of my favourite reader of the blog, is going to love this)!

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“Potato printing”, a craft book by Susanne Strose
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Intelligent kids furniture

I was looking for a bunk bed for Giulio’s room and I came across this great collection of furniture by Rafa Kids.  This Dutch company was founded by a married couple after the interest created by a bed they designed for their first son. It includes solid and space-saving bunk-beds, desks, stools, slides -all without sharp corners-, rags and vary accessories: simple designs with three main colour themes (dark-brown, natural and white-wash) that are appropriate for different ages. 

I have recently developed an interest in a city I actually don’t know much about, Amsterdam. Two friends of ours moved there a few years ago and they are really satisfied and happy despite the harsh climate for Italians at least! The city is not too big and it is very well organized and the Dutch are friendly and easy-going. Moreover, properties are much cheaper than in Rome. Maybe in 2016?
What do you think, do you like Amsterdam?

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Lisa Bengtsson’s cute dogs

When a design is successful, it works well on posters, towels, cups, kids clothes and so on. Lisa Bengtsson‘s dogs are a very good example; the printed black and white frontal images of these cute animals, styled in many different ways, are undoubtedly a winning idea.
The design was also used by Save the Children and by the Australian brand Rock Your Baby (see photo below and check their website out, I love the stuff they sell). 
Lisa Bengtsson, a Swedish graphic designer, is also the author of wall papers, tea towels, pillows, lampshades, porcelain. 
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Kids’ play tents

I really want to get Giulio and his friend Livia a play tent where they can both hide and escape from their parents. There are some really cool ones out there to buy and it isn’t  difficult to make one with scraps of fabrics. 
The tent by Such Great Heights (top left) can be transformed into a clothes rack, an original idea. I like the structure of fairy pink by Haba Caro (top right) and if your child is obsessed with pink you can also go for the Hello Kitty one, a classic.
The camper van shaped tent by Land of Nod is perfect for boys and girls and the circus inspired house below by Pink Olive is more suitable for the dreamers out there.  
If you feel creative you can attempt to make one yourself following the clear instructions (below) that Drea  has kindly shared on her colorful blog.

If you want to get an imaginative tent for the entire family, don’t forget the wicked tents from one of my first posts

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Kids’ chairs


I want to buy a little chair for my 18 month old son who is really into sitting on small things at the moment. There a thousand of options and I think I will get a vintage one in the end but that made me think that a designer little chair is a wicked present for a kid. My sister and I bought one of our best friend’s son, Matteo, a Lou Lou Ghost chair, a few years ago and he is still using it (she is expecting twins now so I suppose the chair will be used much more). The chairs with one star are affordable, with two stars are kind of affordable,with three stairs are expensive.

From the top: 
Tica Chair by The Rocking Company
bbo2 Chair for notNeutral
Classroom Chair by Benjamin Cherner
Mini Togo Chair by Michel Ducaroy for Ligne Roset
Playball Chair sold by Little Nest

Panton Junior Chair by Verner Panton for Vitra