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Child Studio’s latest project

The more I look at the interiors from Child Studio the more I like them. It is the same for Humble Pizza and the spectacles store Cubitt as well, both published on +DECO.
Today we are going to look at Child Studio‘s latest project in the Saint John’s Wood district of London, not far from the Abbey Road pedestrian crossing made famous by the Fab Four. The founders of Child Studio Alexy Kos and Che Huang designed this interesting space -originally a post office- keeping in mind its history. The interior preserves the historical memory of the modernist building in which the restaurant is located and they have also introduced some distinctive Japanese elements.

The blue geometrical ceiling complements perfectly the custom-made dark cherry wood panelling perfectly. The black floor gives the space an oriental feeling when the glass block partition introduces a curve element allowing in the meanwhile the light to flow. Dotted around there are some legendary design pieces such as the Pipistrello table light designed by Gae Aulenti in 1965, the moulded plywood armchairs designed by Norman Cherner in 1958, the cast aluminium stools by the Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, some antique brass sconces by Stilnovo.
What can I say….another ‘bravo!” for Child Studio!

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Mayday Mayday

Who’s seen a Mayday light before? It is an iconic design created by Konstantin Grcic in 1999 and produced by Flos from 2000 onwards, easily spottable in interior design magazines. It generally comes in two colours, bright orange and black but for its twentieth anniversary Flos has released 2,020 Limited Edition numbered pieces in special packaging. The limited edition Mayday light has a die-castaluminum handle/hook embossed with the designer’s signature and serial number.

It is a collector’s item for design lovers on sale for a very reasonable price. I might have to get it (don’t tell my hubby please).

Photos by Bastian Achard, courtesy of Flos.

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Boa Boa restaurant in Milan

Since last week things have massively slowed down in Italy and in the rest of Europe. The progressive and relentless spread of the Covid-19 has forced people to stop and reconsider their habits. The Italian government is doing a good job in keeping its citizens informed, not instigating panic and making decisions aimed at limiting the spread of this new and unpredictable disease.

To take our mind off this uncertainty let’s see what our Vito Nesta is doing. Do you remember him? I am sure you do. We have spoken about his designs more than once and a few months ago we published an interview where he explained his recent projects and he answered some questions about his creative process.

Today we are looking at one of his latest projects, the decoration of Boa Boa, an Asian-fusion restaurant in Via Pontonaccio, Milan. Vito created a fun and relaxed interior; he used mainly three colours (rust blue and bottle green), eye-catching wallpapers , lovely lampshades, velvet and a touch of gold to give the restaurant plenty of character.

The wallpapers Casablanca and Samoa are designed by Vito Nesta for Devon&Devon.

We just have to hope that Milan will be back on its feet in no time so that I can go and experience Boa Boa‘s cuisine that I have been told is delicious.

(Images courtesy Vito Nesta)

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Customisable Schneid Studio lights

The naked light bulb trend is still pretty big but I am honest I would never use industrial looking lights bulbs in my interiors anymore.

I would use Junit lights from Schneid Studio though. You can assemble different shaped wooden pieces and different coloured cords to make your original light or get the combinations that Schneid Studio proposes and that you can see below. According to the pieces you use to assemble the light, the lamp can be taller or shorter because the pieces have different measurements. The cords come in 8 colors (white, grey, black, blue, teal, mint, red, yellow). The cable cups, in white or black, are made of soft plastic material (PVC) so that they fit tight to the ceiling. The curated version (already set) costs 249 euros each. The custom made version starts from 145 euros: the price varies according to the pieces and how many pieces you pick.

The wooden pieces reminds me of the Memphis Group geometric and colourful shapes. Schneid Studio has also some other interesting lights; for instance see the images below of the Eikon Circus series with choice of three shapes, different color and material to combine the wooden base and lampshadeCust (349 euros per lamp).

If you want to see some unusual light bulbs, look at +DECO post.

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La Plus Belle, the perfect mirror to get dressed with


How are you? In Rome we went from wearing woolen jumpers to 30 degrees in a few hours.

I had to pack the winter stuff and take out the summer dresses and sandals in a hurry.

I took the chance to throw away a few things; like most people, I have quite a few pieces of clothing that I keep but I don’t wear, for some obscure reasons. I like them but not enough to wear them, evidently.

I also don’t have a good full-figure mirror which makes wardrobe-related decisions more difficult. The long mirror I have makes me look shorter and fatter (I hope). Sometimes, when I need an honest image of myself, I use the mirror in the lift, how ridiculous.

Flos has recently released a 205 cm mirror that would serve this purpose well, La Plus Belle designed by Philippe Starck.

It is a long oval with a led light incorporated and an optical opal silicone diffuser. The aluminium frame is available in polished gold, polished copper, polished bronze and brill fumé. La Plus Belle would add interest and a nice soft ambient light to any entryway or corridor.

Do you have the right mirror to see yourself?

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2019 interior trends (as seen in Milan)

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I was in Milan last week and as usual I saw a lot of interesting things but also trends that I had already predicted in previous years.

This is my list of the 2019 interior trends after visiting this year’s edition of ISaloni.


I predicted that rounded sofas were going to be a big trend in 2017 but the world probably wasn’t ready at the time to embrace completely different shapes of sofa and armchair so it took a while for the trend to explode properly.

We spoke about it a few months ago in the post “White is back (and rounded sofas”) and since then this look has spread even more.

At the Salone del Mobile this year Adrenalina, an Italian brand, had the best examples in my book: well made, comfortable and original.

Bigala by Roberto Giacomucci is the perfect private nest and it can come with electric sockets and a little table:

Bixib by Luca Alessandrini changes perspective according to the point of view and the base is a mix of silk and bioresin.


Wall lamps that offer ambient light, perfect for corridors or entryways are finally back in fashion. It is something that you have probably seen in your grandmother’s house but the new designs are something else, geometrical, efficient, sexy.

Nemo has two wall lights I really like, very linear, very impressive.

Wall Shadows by Charles Kalpakian:

And Tubes by Charles Kalpakian:


In 2019 we will see a return to natural materials, especially wood.

Wicker will also have a renaissance.

Wicker chairs make a come back with new fun looks.

Lisetta by Elena Salmistraro for Bottega Intreccio is glamorous and funky at the same time. The four cushions in different hues make them unique.

Fratelli Boffi 5610/C LUI 5-A is a wicker throne more than a simple chair. It comes in different colors.


Versatile tiles are tiles that can be mixed and matched to achieve a unique (or at least different) pattern.

Versatile tiles are generally monochromatic and they come in various shapes. The idea is actually old: you can find amazing floors made of monochromatic tiles from the 1800’s and the first 60 years of 1900.

The tiles can be combined for colors or shapes and can be put horizontally or vertically in some cases.

Micro for instance offers a variety of micro tiles or mosaic tassels that you can freely combine; they are then sold in blocks.

Visit Micro‘s website to fully understand the extensions of their tiles and mosaic possibilities.

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Kids furniture that adults will envy

Hello my lovely readers,

I hope you are well. I am very well, I have a lot of things on these days. I am about to start a new project, the renovation of a 140 square metre apartment thankfully at a walkable distance from my house and I have so many exciting ideas. I hope I will be able to put them into practice.

My new website is almost ready, I will be launching it soon together with a video presenting my interior design shopping experience.

As I said I’m full of ideas and things I want to do that sometimes I think I should open a studio that follows various projects with the help of many different people working alongside me.

In my studio I would definitely have the Bambi Chair and the Marshmallow Chair from Kinder Modern (an online shop selling some incredible kids design furniture) even if I am too big to sit on them.

Below is a selection of cute products that you can find in Kinder Modern designed by various designers.

The rugs are really interesting and perfect for people who love color, not just kids.

Of course the prices are far from retailers like Ikea but we are speaking about pieces of design that you will want to display even when you sons and daughters leave the house for college.

The more inspiration, check the colourful prints by Castle or the clever furniture by Rafa Kids.

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+deco blog, plusdeco blog, plus deco, kids furniture, kids tables, kids rugs, design rugs, marshmallow stool, kids lights, kids chair, kids present ideas, wooden kids furniture, kids design furniture, kinder modern, interiors blog, interior design blog
+deco blog, plusdeco blog, plus deco, kids furniture, kids tables, kids rugs, design rugs, kids lights, kids chair, kids present ideas, wooden kids furniture, kids design furniture, kinder modern, interiors blog, interior design blog
+deco blog, plusdeco blog, plus deco, kids furniture, kids tables, kids lights, kids chair, kids present ideas, wooden kids furniture, kids design furniture, kinder modern, interiors blog, interior design blog
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Coco by Larose Guyon

I always tell my clients to invest in lights. A beautiful quality lamp is for ever.

You move it around, you change its place, you take it with you when you move and worse case scenario you store it somewhere until, inevitably, you find a place for it again.

Quality lights are better made and the details are fundamental in such a simple yet prominent object in any space.

At the end of the day lights are most lit things in your house.
Quality lamps are also generally sturdier, an important characteristic above all when speaking about floor and wall lights.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a quality light. Brands like Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, Gubi have some iconic pieces that won’t break the bank and can be mixed with cheaper lights from Ikea or Muuto’s or Normann Copenhagen’s.

Then there are some lights that make a statement, that decorate the entire space with their presence, that are memorable.

These lights sometimes have important prices obviously because they don’t just fulfil their duty but they fill the room, they are  sculptures  like this one called Coco by Larose Guyon, a piece of suspended glowing jewellery.

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Train your eyes

The best part of having an established blog is that designers from all over the world get in contact with you to say hello and present their designs (I have already spoken about this in a previous post about the designer Valerio Vidali) .

Last week, a lovely young Chinese designer, Yingjie Chen, wrote me an email and I discovered her furniture collection.

Despite her young age, her CV is impressive.

Her pieces are beautiful and they are foldable and can be disassembled which makes them shipping easy (as well as a reduced environmental impact).

I asked Yingjie Chen a few questions about her approach to design and inspiration:

Have you always been interested in designing objects?

I was interested in designing objects when I started my bachelor’s degree in industrial design. I enjoy problem-solving, the potential problem in the existing products and also exploring the possibility of the user’s interaction with products.

Who are the designers that inspire you?

I have been inspired by a lot of designers and architects. The person I was inspired by the most was the French Designer, Philippe Stark. His designs range from a small tooth brush to a boat and they have very strong characters. I was also inspired by I.M Pei, Renzo Piano, Frank Lloyd Wright and so on.

What everyday object do you wish you had designed?

“I wish I could have designed some cookware products, such as the blender, cooking pot and utensils. I enjoy cooking and sometimes, I realize a well-designed cooking product that could give users a more comfortable interaction and feeling.”

What is your advice for young designers?

“Train your eyes! Explore everything around you, from nature to buildings, to animals and to products. I think as a designer, you need to have a good eye to find out the beautiful things in the life and be inspired by them. What is good about being a designer is that we have the power to create functional and aesthetic products, which will improve people’s daily lives.”

You now live in Usa, what do you miss about China?

“I have studied in the USA for four years and what I miss the most is definitely my family, they have always supported my studies and career. I also miss Chinese food!”

I am sure the sweet and talented Yingjie is going to have a brilliant carrier and I hope that when in Rome she will give me a call for a coffee and so we can talk about design and Chinese food!



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About the heat, ceiling fans and a handy lights shop

It is getting hotter and hotter here; all of a sudden, we go from wearing a jumper to not wanting to wear anything at all.

I don’t want to sound like an old lady but there are not middle seasons anymore.

After having lived many years in an hot country, I came to the conclusion that air conditioning has too many downsizes and ceiling fans are the solution. They don’t cause you fastidious sinusitis or back pain and they don’t pollute.

While searching for a ceiling fan for a client I came across the Italian online shop Lampade.it  and I was impressed by the huge selection of lights and ceiling fans they have and by the way the website is organized in many thematic menus.

Lampade.it sells designer’s lights but also lights from less famous brands; the range of prices is for every pocket.

It is definitely a useful source, even for things like light bulbs or Christmas lights.

They deliver all over Europe and in Italy for free with a minimum order.

A picked a few but I really believe that the strength of this website is the big variety of offers so this is only a small hint.

These two for instance are made of concrete:  the first one is a pendent, la second a stripe of led.

The next two are made of metal, for who likes the industrial style. Both fit well in most rooms; the first from top is vintage looking, the one below is a bit more Scandinavian style


The Filou light pictured below is fun and very maritime, with the knots and the red valve.


The online shop has also many outdoor lights. In this case too, the lamps are divided in sub-menus (recessed lights, terrace lights, solar lights, ceiling lights etc.) therefore it is easy to find what you are looking for.

I like the ones below, a bit oriental looking, they produce a mood light and the white ones, in the last photograph, above the table version.

In conclusion Lampade.it is a valid option if you need some lights or if you want to get some ceiling lights and you want to live better and help the planet living longer.