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Sexy armchairs

Even if in Rome the summer doesn’t seem to want to finish, I can already envision myself wearing a jumper, snuggled up in an armchair reading (and with a glass of red wine nearby).

Maybe I have just enough of the heat but in reality, I love Autumn. I like the slightly nostalgic golden light, typical of October, I like the sensation of the long sleeves on skin after months of exposure, I like sleeping with a light blanket after a long period of sweating, I like making good resolution for the school year ( yes, I still divide my life into school years)

To help you share my mood which is definitely not melancholic, I am going to show you some sexy, fabulous, design armchairs.

Most of these models are very new, some were released last year but they are all going to transform your living room and nobody will be able to resist sitting down on them!

“Geo” by Saba

“Nilson” by Verzelloni

“Vincent” by Swoon.

“Hepburn” by The Conran Shop

“Blendy” by De Padova.

“Archibold” by Frau.

“Fanny” by Fendi Casa.


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Extendable console tables by Mobili Fiver

Good evening!

As usual I am having a very busy September, and October is starting to fill up as well. I have something on every weekend: friends visiting, short breaks away, working Saturdays, birthday parties: it looks like my first free weekend will be in November!

Apart from the usual work load and intense social life, I am helping a friend redecorate her house.

She has recently separated from her partner and she wants to refresh the look of her apartment (it is actually true, heart broken women willing to start again change their hairstyle or the house style).

Often, in big cities above but not only, the issue is space and budget.

My strategy is to invest in some nice lights and art, in some versatile pieces of furniture and opt for a slim sofa and armchairs to maximize the space.

Mobili Fiver has some key transformable consoles and tables at very reasonable prices. I got my friend an extendable console table that doubles as a dining table, perfect for when she has friends or the large family. The consolle we went for is called First (see photo below) and it measures 90x45x76 cm when closed  but it can be extended up to 305 cm and host up to 14 people!

The opening mechanism is uncomplicated and it has 5 easy-to-assembly extensions; according to how many extensions you insert the console can become 149 cm, 201 cm, 253 cm or 305 cm.

The price is very affordable because Mobili Fiver produces in Italy and doesn’t have showrooms or middle men, they just sell online; in this way they can cut costs and have more competitive prices.

The convenience to have an extendable console consists also in the fact that it is easy to carry and it doesn’t take much space.

It can save your life in a holiday house as well, in the terrace or garden; when needed, you can carry it outside easily.

Also the tables from the same brand have linear shapes and the same extendable advantage. Some, like the model “Easy” pictured below, becomes 220 cm long and the extensions can be put under the top of the table when closed; others, like for instance the model “Eldorado” from square (90 x 90 cm) becomes rectangular 180 cm x 90 cm.

It is worth keeping Mobili Fiver in mind, because many of us, despite how big are our houses are, don’t have enough space…or too many guests!

The extendable console First in Oak.

The extendable console “Angelica”.

A detail of the “First” console in Rustic Wood.

The extendable table “Easy”.

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Valentine Loellman’s fantastic designs

Valentine Loellman is a very cute 35 year old designer from the south of Germany and, apart from the fact that he is cute, he caught my attention for 3 reasons:

  • For his singular poetic furniture
  • For his house that is a gorgeous version of a house from The Lord of the Rings
  • And because in his ‘About’ page he has got the links to his 6 siblings’ websites who have all developed some artistic talent (my favourite being Miriam Loellman)

His furniture stands resolutely on wobbly legs, like giraffes or fawns.

They seem to be part of an elegant fairy tale and they carry the fascination of the forest because they are made of charred black and polished oak or walnut.


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Rusty shades, earthy reds and melanchonic pinks

Violet is the 2018 Pantone color but we like rusty shades, earthy reds and melancholic pinks this year. To be honest, we are a bit bored of the fuss about Pantone‘s favourite colors.

Here is a selection of beautiful spaces dominated by colors that are between terracotta, bordeaux and red.

As you know I am looking for a new house, if I find it tomorrow I will definitely use one of these hues.

Images from Pinterest



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Samantha Santana’s bold peel and stick wallpaper

I got very enthusiastic recently about Samantha Santana’s wallpaper. First of all it is an explosion of bright colours, a blast of flowers; also her wallpaper, in the peel and stick version, is very convenient not just because of the price but also because it is easy to apply and easy to remove unlike traditional wallpaper (and you can find this version as well on Samatha Santana‘s website).

It is a good idea for photo shoot backgrounds as well (and this is why it caught my attention in the first place)

Samantha Santana’s designs almost have a photographic definition that gives them depth and a more contemporary look. They are in fact much more audacious than many of the flowery country-house-style wallpaper on the market.

On Samantha Santana‘s website there is a video where she shows how to apply them onto the wall; it looks very easy.

This fabric wallpaper is printed on a woven material with green eco-friendly inks which make it even more appealing.

Before putting it up though, make yourself sure that the plaster on the wall is compact and not about to crumble (even if it doesn’t look like it is sometimes it does). It is advisable in fact to test the material on the wall first.

In any case, I am sure you can think of many different places to use this summery uplifting wallpaper!

Samantha is based in the USA but she happily delivers all over the world. She is really nice and helpful and she answers your queries normally within hours.

So, have I convinced you, shall we do a cumulative order?
For some tropical wallpaper, see here or for some other don’t-go-unnoticed wallpaper by Hermes, see here.


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The familiar world of Vito Nesta

Tonight I really feel like starting my new book “The beautiful fall – Fashion, Genius and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris” by Alicia Drake. I am going to lay in bed, try to move as little as possible to stop sweating (it is 35 degrees here) and enter the magic world of  Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfield, the epitome of creativity, two elegant creatures who managed to be prolific for a lifetime because they fed their minds with art and culture, not just fashion.
Even if I don’t know him yet (by the way, I would love to meet you Vito, fancy a coffee next time I come to Milan?), I believe that Vito Nesta, the talent that designed the beautiful objects below, is a person who has something to say as well.
His creations speak about a world that is disappearing in Italy but it is still part of our families, even if it is not in practice it lives on in the memory; it is a world where things were done slowly and properly, where things were repaired and not replaced. Thimbles, reels, balls of yarn, combs, shaving brushes, buttons are all part of the magic world of Vito Nesta.
In his hands every day objects become evocative designs in trendy colors.
My favourite? The nut and the reel in white,  they went directly onto my wish list.
Which ones do you like best? Don’t forget to see all the other Vito Nesta’s creations in his website!
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Sailors tattoos meet grandma

This is a post for tattooed people but not only.
For instance I haven’t got any tattoos. My taste and esthetic sense is continuously evolving and I have never wanted to commit on anything printed on my skin for ever.
I am glad I haven’t, to be honest. Nowadays it is more common having a tattoo than not (even over sixties have tattoos!) and the fascinating sense of rebellion that once came with them has disappeared.

The estethic pleasure or affection is still there for many and I don’t judge that.
Anyway if I was going to have a tattoo, I would have gone for a old style sailor’s chick or heart or a Japanese mafia design.
When I saw these fabulous ceramics by Eva Gernandt, they made me think of sailors’ tattoos (as well as granny’s crochets and Jean Paul Gaultier). I love these plates and pots by By Mutti: the mental connection with the adventurous and reckless life of sailors and the inevitable association with tattoos make these old looking sets very street-style.
+deco_ceramics_eva_gernandt_mutti_3 +deco_ceramics_eva_gernandt_mutti_2 +deco_ceramics_eva_gernandt_mutti_1 +deco_ceramics_eva_gernandt_mutti_6
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Feathers lamps

What shall I do with my spare time? Shall I put some nail polish on or write a post about feather lamps? It is a no brainer, I can’t wait to show you these fabulous, over the top, sexy Ostrich Feather Lamps from A Modern Grand Tour
It is not a surprise that the British fashion designer Matthew Williamson has one in his house and one in his showroom! They fit perfectly in a super classic environment or in a colorful exotic styled space (like Matthew Williamson’s) and they are beautifully made (hence the price).
I really like the Temple and Ivy Multa table lamps as well, with or without feather lampshades.
Who needs nail polish when you have a lamp like that?
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Charlie Styrbjörn Nilsson’s Ladder

I have always appreciated this young Swedish designer since last year I saw his Ladder, made with steam bent wood techniques. It is such an outstanding piece of furniture! 
I really like the Cabinet Luftig as well, the colour and the shape of it reminds me of the Chinese cabinets but with a contemporary feeling. The knobs are made of cedar, they spread a nice perfume in the cabinet and they keep pests away. The twisted ribs of the see-through doors   add interest and movement to the volume catching the light.
Charlie Styrbjörn Nilsson is definitely a designer to keep an eye on. 


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Room collection by Kyuhyung Cho

Who says that bookshelves are for books? Well, surely not these ones from the Room Collection by Kyuhyung Cho that are more for looking at than filling with stuff. 
Over the long bank holiday weekend, I went to not one but two picnics with friends and their kids in a beautiful park near the Appia Antica, here in Rome, a large area of wild nature full of Roman ruins and secret paths. We walked a lot and I saw some amazing trees with incredible trunks. I would have loved to take some photos but I am not the kind of person who always has their phone in their pocket. 
In a time where everybody is into iron and vintage I crave some nice hand-made wooden pieces of furniture or features like the ones by Kyuhyung Cho in the pictures above.
See also the amazing Corners bookshelves he designed this year (third photo from the botton), presented in the Rossana Orlandi gallery.